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Medical reasons who need surrogacy

Surrogacy is a long-term process and those who opt for it are driven by certain causes. There are several reasons a couple goes for a surrogacy, whereas this is an obvious case for homosexual couples and a single male. A couple goes for surrogacy when a female is not able to reproduce to carry a baby safely due to several reasons.

Uterine diseases

The female member can have a uterine disease, which can be by birth or caused later, due to which she is unable to fertilize the sperms. This is the most common reason why a couple chooses surrogacy for a genetically connected baby. The uterine diseases becoming the reason for miscarriage or inability to carry a baby are also called anomalies. There are other ways as well like to adopt a baby but surrogacy is a different and expensive process yet couples go for it.

Abnormalities in pregnancy

Many cases are seen where a female cannot carry a baby for a longer time and it can be due to many reasons. Apart from inborn deficiencies, there are issues that arise later in age. These problems include health issues, any neurological disease, or heart issues as well these are all the reasons why a female fails to carry a baby.

Successive IVF procedures

The repeated IVF processes may cause a female to lose the ability to conceive a baby. This is basically a treatment woman gets in the cause of infertility, aimed at making it possible to carry a baby. These repeated processes make a woman lose her ability to conceive further. So surrogacy is the procedure most people prefer instead of going for repeated fertility treatments. Learn more about the IVF process gravidanza surrogata.

Accidental causes

There may be any injury to the reproductive organ internally. If it causes severe damages to certain parts in an accident or in any sudden event it may cause eternal inability to have a baby in females. There might be internal bleeding which causes the blockage to tubes and in turn, it creates complications in pregnancy.

Low sperm count from the male partner

The medical issues can be related to a male member as well which becomes the reason for a failed pregnancy. This is the issue where the sperm count from a male member is low from the supposed count. This disease can medically be treated and the count can be fulfilled.

Personal inclination

Going for surrogacy can be a personal decision of a couple, due to the complexities is pursuing pregnancy themselves. Though it is a long and complex process yet some people prefer it as a blessing. The assisted third party pregnancy is the option usually homosexual and single parent pursues.


Hysterectomy is the intentional removal of uterine from the body. There may be a tumor or any hazardous element due to which it is preferred to get the uterine removed. If the disease proves to be life-threatening it gets obvious to remove the organ to save a life. In that case, surrogacy remains the last option to have a child.

Increased age

Increased age can be a reason for a failed pregnancy. Usually, at the age of 40, a female’s ability to have a baby starts lowering. So the couples having such issues go for adoption of a baby or surrogacy is the option for them.

Final thoughts

There can be many reasons why a couple goes for surrogacy. Medical reasons include heart issues and neurological problems. Surrogacy is a process from which you can get a genetically connected baby. There are other ways also to have a baby but cannot satisfy your need to have a relation with the baby. So in surrogacy, you have a single parent relationship with the child.

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