A Brief Guide on Color Bond Roofing Sheets Cleaning

If you have a home or business that has an elastomeric roof and you are aware of that the process of cleaning a Colorbond roof can be a challenge. But, making sure that the roof is as clean as it does when it’s new is easier by using the correct methods and materials. If you have the best team to clean your roof and keep its beauty and integrity, you’ll feel more confident about the work.

What is a Colorbond Roof?

Metal roofing is becoming more sought-after due to its strength and durability in all weather conditions. Metal roofing is able to easily remove snow and rain, and can even endure powerful winds. There are many kinds of roofing made of metal, and each has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. Knowing details about Colorbond roofing will help you determine if it is the right choice for you. Here are some things you need to be aware of about Colorbond roofing.

Colorbond roofing is a steel roofing material coated and produced by Bluescope. Recently, contractors are employing Colorbond roofs more often, and the product has grown to become the preferred choice of numerous homeowners and businesses. It has a contemporary elegant appearance that can be a great fit for a spectrum of consumers’ needs. Many people also prefer Colorbond roofing due to its light, durable, lasts for a long time and is a budget-friendly option, particularly when compared to tile roofing.

How to clean colorbond roofing sheets

Do you wash your roof regularly? Making sure your roof looks good is an ongoing job that is unfortunately not kept from. It is recommended to hire an roofing professional examine your Colorbond roof on your behalf so that you can ensure that the roof material is in good condition and is operating properly. If you don’t clean colorbond roofing sheets regularly you must face many problems when you are going to cut colorbond roofing sheets.

The kind of roof you have will decide the frequency you need to clean it. Colorbond roofing is among the most easy to clean. Algae is the most common causes of black or dark patches on your roof particularly if you’ve been following the routine of cleaning your roof. There are two ways to rid yourself of algae that has accumulated on your roof.

Chemical washing

It is easy to remove your roof’s dirt using chemical specifically designed to clean the various types of roofing materials. The sodium and chlorine solutions have become the two most popular cleaning agents that are used in Colorbond roofing.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing is a method employed to clean tiles and metal roofs for eliminating algae from the roof. It is possible to rent the pressure washer from an equipment store or shop. You can also buy one if you wish to have one at the go to wash your roof when you need to. However, these techniques for removing algae might not be as complete as you’d prefer. It is a reason to employ a professional to do the work for you, particularly in the event that you’re new with cleaning the roof.

The correct method to clear the roof should begin at the top of the roof and work your way downwards to prevent the amount of water that is splashed onto the sheets of metal. It’s also recommended to start by working on a small portion and keep the wand at least 30 centimeters away away from your roof.

Avoid using high pressure first but medium pressure is typically recommended. The wand is lowered by the pressure washer gradually until you notice that the mould is rising off the surface of steel. By inspecting the roof while cleaning it increases the chance that the entire mould or algae is eliminated. Algae can be slippery. Therefore, it’s essential to stay in a dry location when cleaning. When moving around the roof, you should stand on the areas clean to avoid injury.

Get rid of Mildew, Mould, and Algae

If you reside in an area with a humid climate or have a Colorbond roofing which is shaded heavily there is a chance of mould or mildew appearing on the surface. It is, fortunately, easy to eliminate, particularly in the event that you notice it before it gets too bad. Be aware that it’s crucial to get rid of the mould and fungus from your Colorbond roof immediately. The fungus may result in the staining of paint, and this could be difficult , and even impossible to fix.

Our experts are trained to completely remove fungus from your roof, and then restore the roof to its original condition. This will not only enhance the appearance of the roof, but also stops the growth of mold and fungus out of getting into your structure and causing health issues for you and your loved ones or your employees or customers.

There is a need for bleach and laundry detergent mixed with water. Dip an abrasive or rag into the bleach solution, and rub it on the areas that are affected by the roof. Rub the lighting surface until you aren’t able to detect any mildew, algae or mould. Rinse with water. If you don’t do this again it is possible to spiral out of control, and we can’t stress this enough. Best leave to the professionals.

Best Products for Clean Colorbond Roof

Plain water is usually the most commonly used cleaning agent for roofs. Dust and dirt as well as other substances that don’t have abrasive properties will remove a roof quickly by hose-ing it down. You can apply the amount of water you need to ensure that the roofing is completely clean.

There are other options for detergent such as laundry detergent or mild dish soap or car wash soap to remove staining that is a bit more difficult to clean.

You could also make use of commercial or industrial detergents that are able to be used with cold or hot water to ensure that your roof is spotless. It is generally recommended for you to blend the soap and water, and then use the sponge or washcloth for applying the mixture on the roof. The mixture should be left to sit for around 10 minutes before cleaning the roof thoroughly with water.

Importance of colorbond Roof Cleaning

As with all home or outdoor objects it is essential to maintain a spotless Colorbond roof that’s why you need to create the right schedule for cleaning to keep the exterior of the metal in good condition and prolong the life of your roof. For roofs made of metal, cleaning frequently helps to preserve the structural integrity of the roof’s panels. It also assists in getting rid of any dust or dirt particles on the roof’s surface that may compromise the substrate or paint.

Paint systems such as PVDF are durable and designed to withstand harsh conditions. However, your roof might still benefit from regular cleaning to ensure the coating and resin remain solid. There are common elements that may stick to the roof and cause damage to your Colorbond roof.

These comprise airborne dirt and even small leaves and sticks and you’re not able to decide when or what they get on your roof. Pollen is also a threat to the roof and you might notice that spores have settled on the roof’s surface too. After a couple of years you might notice water stains or other particles of pollutants on roofs. Stains from acid rain and rust can appear on a Colorbond roofing in time. Of course, you need to be on the lookout for mildew and mold on the roof, and get rid of it promptly.