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web application without any programming

Simple ways to Build your Application without any programming knowledge

Just like online website creation tools like Weebly, Squarespace, and Wix, there are many online mobile app development tools available online which can be created with just a drag-and-drop option. A few years back, there was no such option, but in the last few years, there was a drastic change witnessed in the field. With the emergence of different range of tools and software, app creation is no more a complicated task. Even you don’t need desktop or computer skills as you just need to follow the procedure instructed in the application. Within a few steps, you can create a simple and informative-based application. 

But, if you are looking forward to developing a gaming app or complex mobile application, then you will be required to hire an app developer or opt for a mobile app development company to write unique code and manage development. 

Creating an app in these platforms would not be able to make millions, but the application would add value to your business and website. It is an advantage if you have a content-based website or an e-commerce store, then users can easily browse and make purchases and go through the articles using an app. 

Now, let’s see some of the app development platforms that helps users to create a creative mobile application for their business. 


AppInstitute is a user-friendly online platform that starts with choosing a template based on your requirements before starting the app-building process. You can choose the template based on your business goals. Then optimize the app with your business details and your application is ready. AppInstitute is good in all aspects, but when it comes to testing, you can encounter complications in sorting out the bugs. But still, this application provides a good range of videos and live chat facilities. 


Though AppMakr has a less smooth interface, they provide high features to use. You can easily build an icon-based application with a mock-up of a smartphone. Even, customization is made easy just by drag and drop of menus and icons. Both the free and paid version of the application is available. Opting for the paid version provides you with high features. 


Unlike Appinstitute and AppMakr, GameSalad allows creating your own gaming application. As per company markets GameSalad, you can develop a game application within an hour. But it is not possible in reality as it takes long hours to develop. GameSalad does not work on drag and drop pattern, whereas you need to learn the mechanism to get practice through the platform. 

From now, it is not a big deal to develop an application as you don’t need to have coding skills or spend money in developing an app. If you are willing to create a content-based application or an online-web store, then use the platforms mentioned above and create your simple application in a hassle-free manner. 

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