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Aquafresh Realistic Cost

Best Platform to Buy Aquafresh Swift RO

New and Advance RO products at lowest cost. Now, Aquafresh is offering the best offer with this best product, you can easily get the different size, price and models in this product. This is one of the best brands that always try to discover the best and quality products for customers with best features as well as price. This is one of the necessary requirements for us because every person needs to drink cold water according to their choice. 

Aquafresh Swift RO is a perfect water purifier for your family. It comes with the water cleansing capacity of 120 liters a day, thus allowing you to store 15 liters of water in its container. It has ten phase cleansing method which contains RO, UF, UV, Started Carbon and so on, so you get unconditionally pure and clean water to drink and cook food for you. In this water purifier machine is very lightweight, weighing around 5 to 9 Kg, and can be attached on the wall or placed on a ledge, so space is not a matter with this cleanser. The other greatest portion is its flushing system method that provides the cleanser an increased membrane life.

Best Features of Aquafresh Swift RO 

  • Capacity to pure water: Min 12 and maximum 15 litres
  • Maximum Duty Cycle: Maximum 120 litre of water per day
  • Capacity of water storage: Maximum 15 Litres
  • Stages of water purification: This contains 10 stages to do water purification like Pre-candle, Sediment, Activated carbon, RO, UV, Antiscalant, TDS Minimiser, Iron Remover, Mineral cartridge.
  • RO membrane: 1812 -75 GPD     
  • Lamp Power UV L: 11 watt 
  • Min. Inlet Water Pressure: 0.3 kg/sq. cm
  • Input Voltage: 160-300 volts AC (50Hz)
  • Operating Voltage: 24 volts DC
  • Input water Temperature: Minimum 5 Celsius and Maximum 50 Celsius
  • Dimensions (c.m.): Length 46, Width 28, Height 55
  • Net Weight: 6 kilograms
  • Power rating: 40W

Aquafresh Swift RO are more stylish, sturdy as well as totally clean. To get the comprehensive data about the finest products according to the necessities, you have to visit on website One of the key facts is that Aquafresh never misbehave with their clients feelings and offer complete amenities and answers to their door step. Have a look on the products and select the best option according to your requirements!!   

Ro System is one of the best way to purify water and this is one of the advance ways that helps to remove the impurities from drinking water. Because pure water is one of the main requirements of us because we want to live better life. Now, get the quality RO water purifiers at lowest cost with best facilities. This big brand always gives the best and quality assistance to clients so that they can effortlessly get the quality services from our technical team members. If you are facing any kind of problem while using the RO purifiers than you can directly connect with our technical support team members through our website and get the immediate assistance. Here you get the best products and customers support according to your necessities. 

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