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Loire castle weekend

Caricature of a night in a Castle

Today, spending a night or a weekend in a castle is a luxurious adventure that many people want to afford. And with so many European castles that tend to open more and more  their doors to the general public, the dream of many amateur princes and princesses can easily be realized.

A perfect setting

If you stay in a castle, you will be transported to a whole new world. Indeed, you will have to live in a place that will have a very different decor. In addition to the large courtyards, the great halls or the dizzying pillars and huge doors, you will also be surrounded by imposing walls and sometimes even unique ceilings.

Your room will be decorated with royal furniture that will be adorned with fabrics and linen related to this style. You will be able to look at yourself in large mirrors, sit in huge armchairs or take a bath in a very spacious bathtub. Everything around you will reflect the luxury and wealth that was the daily life of the former occupants of the place.

While deciding to spend a weekend at the Loire castle weekend, you can live in such a place and collect sweet memories during your passage.

Royal food

Awakened from your deep sleep in the royal sheets, you will start your day at the castle with a breakfast worthy of a king. And the expression is not only about quantity but also and above all quality. Indeed, the staff of the castle will bring you a festive meal but adapted to the fine gourmets.

Concocted with well selected products, you will enjoy complete, organic and rich meals. You will also have the best drinks at your table. Breads, cakes, cereals, fruits, dairy products, eggs, etc. You can order the breakfast or brunch of your choice. Both adults and children will be well served and have a wide choice in the menu.

At lunchtime, you can also choose between many famous dishes. Moreover, you will have the possibility to order a typical dish of that region. The great chefs who usually prepare the meals in these castles will be able to suggest you their specialties made of local products and cooked in the best way.

Noble products will be highlighted: foiegras, duck breast, game, caviar, etc. Don’t also forget the cheeses, the wine or the most sought-after whisky. For your dinner, you can eat in the restaurant or in the dining room of the castle or in your room. Here again, you can ask for the dinner of your choice, with the products and cuisine that inspire you. The staff is always ready to listen to you and to satisfy your needs to the letter.

A royal treatment

And speaking of staff, it should be noted that the staff of a castle differs greatly from those who work in an inn or hotel. In fact, during your stay at the hotel, you can have your own waiter and butler at your disposal, depending on the type of services offered by the castle.

This staff will be at your disposal whenever you need assistance. The goal is above all to satisfy you during your stay but especially to help you live like a king or queen.

In this sense, it should not be forgotten that the purpose of the stay at the castle is also and above all to be able to live like a member of the royal family, just for a weekend.And you will have a castle and its surroundings at your disposal to behave like one.

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