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suits your personalities

Choose the bottom options which suits your personalities

We all needs to know that what kind of dress will suits to our personalities and then according to that only we need to dress here are some bottom wear option which you can try with your kurti according to your personality. Here are some options which you can try as per your kurti or according to you that how you want to look. Your dressing style will create an image of you in front of everyone.

Denim jeans

Denim jeans are one of the options which you can try with your short or long kurti.  It will give you the bold look. Denim is ever green you can try this anytime anywhere you can try denim with kurti and also with tops and T-shirt.

Net stocking

Net stocking you can wear with your kurti it will make you different in the crowd. It will completely give you the bold look. Models normally wear kurti with stocking which make them different among the crowd.

No bottom

Some time when we wear long kurti in that case we don’t need to wear the bottom or sometime when we require look smart or different in that case also you can wear the kurti without wearing the bottom.


You can also wear the skirts with the kurti of yours this will also give you the nice look.  This combination is quite different but the head will surely turn for you.


If you want to look like a punjaban you can wear the salwar with kurti you can also try patiyala for a punjaban look. This one bottom wear is quite normal every woman knows about this but then also its suits on every kind of personalities.

Boyfriend jeans

This one is also an option which you can try for your bottom collection. You can try these jeans with your tank top and t-shirt. It’s a quite oversize jean which gives you the comfort and the uniqueness for your look.


This one is also an option for the bottom of your which you can try with your kurti these type of bottom normally wear by Muslims. This will also gives you the unique look you can also add this for the bottom option in your wardrobe.


Palazzo is also one of the new option which is now mostly wear by the ladies with their kurti , and look good. This bottom wear will feel comfortable but you need to wear it as per the colour combination.


This is a mixture of legging and the jeans which you can find in every women wardrobe now days because this is comfortable as legging and classy as jeans. You will get both one together.


This one is the most common but mostly used by the ladies option which will give you the formal look you can wear it in your office also. It is one of the best options. You can buy Leggings according to the color option which matches your kurti.

Dhoti pants

This one is also a unique option which you can try to add in your collection for your bottom wear. This dhoti pant you can wear with long and short kurti. Models normally try this to look different.

These are some options which you can buy from ohoshoping and look gorgeous

Author by : These bottom wear suggestion is given to you by Chetna Sharma who is writing blog form last 2 year for the e commerce websites and the website is getting the lead from this.

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