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Top ten delicious foods in Singapore

Singapore is the dream destination for all who are a continuous traveler. Here are so many places which you can visit in Singapore and also so many activity which you can do if it’s a adventure tour in this blog we want to you to inform you about the food over here Planning for any tour for Singapore so in that case do visit the food junction over there and taste these Top ten delicious foods in Singapore:

Hainanese chicken rice

It’s basically a steamed chicken which served with rice cooked in chicken stock. This is the all time favorite dish and also it will cook in a minute for the lunch you can taste this delicious dish with the sauce. You will never forget the taste of the chicken which will serve to by the Singapore to remember the taste of Singapore.

Chilli crab

This spicy dish wills surely gives you taste which you will never forget in the whole life the hard shell crab which cooked in semi thick gravy tomato and chilli base dish will surely give you the taste for the long life.


This dish is the mixture of Chinese and malay cuisine. Here you will get rice noodles in spice coconut curry fish cake, egg and chicken meal laska has so many variant. 

Char kuay teow

It is the flavor of the white noodles fried with black soya sauce taste of this dish is awesome. This dish you can find in restaurant and hawker. Taste will be longer lasting which you will never forget in the whole life.

Hokkien prawn mee

Stir fried hokkien noodles with pawn and also some slice of chicken and pawn. It serves with sambal sauce. This will also gives you the flavor of Singapore which you will never forget in the whole life of your.

Barbecued stingray

Fish head curry

This dish is a huge fish head and vegetable cooked in a curry and serve with rice or bread. Basically it’s a south Indian dish. Taste of the dish will not be able to forget by you in the whole life.


Skewed grill meat serve with rice cake. Peanut sauce and cucumber chilli relish. It’s a starter dish for marriage 

Char siew meats on rice

It’s a popular dish of Singapore. This dish is serving to you with rice or noodles.

Oyster omelette

An egg omelet mixed with flour and fried with coriander leaves. It is the famous dish in Singapore.

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chetna Sharma is writing content for the travel for last 2 year and because of that content the site is getting so much revenue.  This blog is to provide you information about the food of Singapore. You must visit the food junction in Singapore.

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