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All You Need To Know About Choosing Bronze Plaques Material For Presentation Cups

Whenever you are heading towards formulating an award ceremony, the first thought which would strike your mind would be what material you should choose to order for making awards. Well, this is the most difficult choice you have to make as your focus needs to be on both the design part and obviously on the durability, too, as no one would want their award to fade away or tarnish.

So, in this case, you must research and know which material would be the best for you to make your awards. But here we have done all the research for you.

Plastic trophies are indeed not so durable, and at the same time, they are not beautiful either. Moreover, an award must be eye catchy as it is the foremost thing that represents your recognition. Have you ever come across a trophy of material “bronze plaques“? Well, this is a shiny one and one of the most common traditional choices regarding awards.

Okay, so let’s cover everything about it in detail below:

Things to keep in mind while choosing trophy materials

There are several things that you need to keep in mind while choosing the apt trophy material like:

1.      Trophy material must be environment friendly

As more and more emphasis has been laid on environment-friendly products, how can trophies lag in this race? As awards are meant to be with the winner for a lifetime, they must be made from a safe material that does not threaten or harm their health or hamper it. Such material is undoubtedly sustainable, recyclable, and, at the same time, suitable for the environment.

Moreover, more and more manufacturers are coming up with trophies made from 100% recyclable products. It ensures an eco-friendly environment and safeguards nature and mother earth.

2.      The material used in medals matters

Many people need help to think beyond gold, copper, and silver when it comes to trophies. But do you know or are you aware that many other materials can be used to formulate trophies? Some of you need to be made aware. Worry not. We’re here to guide you on this.

Medal materials like gold, copper, or silver are ultimately popular, as discussed, but materials like wood or acrylic are also gaining much importance today. Why? Because it does not pose any threat to mankind or wildlife. Moreover, there are plenty of designs, textures, or varieties available in these materials, so you can make any modifications you desire.

3.      Mixing of materials

There can be variations that can be done while formulating presentation cups. It is optional for your focus to be on using only a single material to create trophies. You can use a mix of two materials any day. It has now become a trend to combine different materials to create a beautiful and perfect award.

Combinations like wood and acrylic to metal and glass are quite common. Using these materials, you can create stunning perpetual presentation cup designs, which is your end goal.

As per our research, we have concluded that more and more manufacturers are using bronze plaques to form beautiful trophies. But why are they doing that? There must be some reason.

Out of curiosity, we’ve discovered some interesting benefits of using material like bronze plaque while forming a presentation cup. So, let’s dive into this blog to learn everything about it.

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Benefits of Bronze Plaques material for the formation of trophies!

·  They are durable

As we have discussed above, durability matters a ton regarding trophies. Trophies build memories, and memories are here to last. This material is a metal alloy, and hence it contains tin, copper, and some other materials. The high copper content in this material provides a protective layer that helps in the resistance to the effects of corrosion. Moreover, bronze materials never lose their shape so you can gaze at their retained body even after many years of your special occasion.

·  Simple to be maintained

Frankly Speaking! Only a few of us focus on the maintenance part of

trophies. These are won and then left in that unnoticed corner of the home. Yet, these memories must be maintained, so they stay with us longer. Do you agree? So, seeing people’s disinterest in trophies’ maintenance, bronze materials are apt as they require very little or no maintenance.

How? The material’s protective coating prevents oxidation from ruining the trophy’s appearance. However, you might have to conduct an occasional cleaning routine to remove all the unwanted dust from it. You can do so with the help of a clean cloth, non-ionic soap, or distilled water.

·  Allows modifications and variations

Well, with several other materials, you might be unable to do any modification or variation, but with bronze plaques, you can be ultimately creative. The coating process, which involves bronze material, allows you to add intricate detailing along with some fine artwork; hence, you can add a personal touch to the trophy. This way, you can commemorate the ones you want to recognize with the utmost personalized touch.

·  Timeless appearance

Bronze is different from a modern formatted material for creating trophies. It has been used for ages, and today even people are giving it the recognition which was being given earlier. It means that bronze material creates a timeless appearance, even if it stays longer. It is why bronze plaque is one of manufacturers’ and buyers’ top-rated and most loved materials for trophy formation.


So, this concludes our discussion on which material is the best for formulating a presentation cup. We have justified a lot above why you must choose bronze plaque as the material of your trophy, and we hope to have convinced you so far.

So, commemorate and recognize your loved ones in the way you want with bronze plaque presentation cups.