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Choosing the Best Storage Mirrors for Your Space

Have you ever wondered if you could have a bit of extra space in your bedroom or powder room for storing small things? Well, storage is one of the biggest concerns for many people. Although you may find many ideas to do so, you may end up with something that looks odd or impractical. Luckily, there is a solution to this issue, and that is adding storage mirrors to your home. So, what are storage mirrors? And how can they help you save space in your room? Let’s find out.

Storage Mirrors- A Synopsis

As the name implies, storage mirrors are bathroom mirrors that provide some space to store items and have a mirror as well. You can find a wide range of storage mirrors. Some are perfect for your bathroom, some look good in your bedroom, etc. Certainly, storage mirrors are fantastic options to add space to your room while playing the role of a storage system. You can find a wide range of designs and styles of storage mirrors that might help with this work. So, which are the best and most practical types of storage mirrors? Let’s find out.

Types of Storage Mirrors

Certainly, you can find a wide range of storage mirrors. To give an overview of different types of practical storage mirrors, read our list below. 

Medicine Cabinet

A modern mirror storage cabinet or a medicine cabinet is one of the most practical storage solutions. Medicine cabinets are great for storing small goods like medicine, toiletries, and even cleaning materials. Furthermore, medicine cabinets are often made to be incredibly efficient, with doors being the most common method of access. 

When it comes to bathroom vanity area storage, these mirror cabinets are one of the greatest solutions. The storage is quite useful and also serves as an effective room or bathroom mirror. Most mirror storage units and medicine cabinets can have features like lights and soft-close doors.

Mirrors with Shelves Beneath 

If a medicine cabinet or mirror storage unit is too much for you, or if you simply prefer a different design, mirrors with shelves are a terrific choice to explore. Bathroom mirrors can make great use of shelving to enhance convenience and accessibility. For starters, a mirror can include a shelf beneath it. This is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to integrate a shelf. Because it is conveniently located behind the mirror, you have easy access to all of the items you require.

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Shelves can also be used to flank a mirror. They can be joined straight to the side to create a cabinet-like structure with a series of shelves. Mirrors with shelves, for example, will provide far more storage space than a single shelf behind the mirror. Shelves, similar to a medicine cabinet, might also extend from the sides of the mirror. This is quite convenient, especially for restrooms or rooms with little space. These shelves can also be quietly closed back into the mirror.

Mirror with External Shelves 

If your mirror lacks built-in storage, consider adding some external shelves for a great storage option. In certain circumstances, this may be preferable to getting a mirror with built-in shelves because you will be able to be more creative. If you choose a single shelf behind the mirror, it will be simple to choose one that complements both the mirror and the surrounding area. Shelves on either side of the mirror can also be useful. If they are level and in the right place, external shelves can make a vanity area a lot more useful.

Minimalist Storage Shelves Behind the Mirror

Some mirrors can even have shelves built into the back of them. Mirrors like this will protrude from the wall to accommodate the shelves behind them. These mirrors are highly fashionable. They are also incredibly efficient at generating storage space. One thing to keep in mind is that, due to their location, some of the objects on the shelves may be difficult to reach. It is recommended that these shelves be used for objects that do not require daily access. Items such as cleaning supplies and décor would be ideal for this situation.

Wrap up

Certainly, today, the market is flooded with many types of storage mirrors. So, if you want the most practical and affordable storage mirror that can accommodate your goods easily, look no further than Mirrorwalla. Check out their collection and grab the best storage mirror for your home.