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The Myths About Coloured Contact Lenses Exposed

Your eyes are the most prominent feature of your face, bigger and brighter eyes always grab more attention. People with rare eye colours get more attention, just because of the uniqueness of their eye colour. So have you wondered what would you look like with a rare colour in your eyes? Or different colour in both eyes? I bet you would like a subtle change to your eye colour once in a while. So guess what, you can subtly change your eye colour now with colour contact lenses at will. Or get a more dynamic and a bold look with coloured eye contacts.

There is no reason for you not to try coloured contact lenses. Sadly, some people are needlessly afraid of using coloured eye contacts. They are not only afraid of using coloured contacts, but they spread useless myths about contact lenses. Because of these myths and misconceptions, people are more afraid of using coloured contact lenses, when the facts state otherwise. 


Myth 1 – Coloured Contacts Can Damage the Eye

If that was the case, the higher authorities would never allow these coloured contact lenses to eb available in stores. They are perfectly safe to wear. All you have to do is buy them from a respectable store and take proper care for them. If you are so skeptical then you should know that many celebrities use these coloured contact lenses for enhancing their appearance.

If you follow certain precautions such as cleaning them properly with the solution and storing them safely, you will be perfectly fine with them. And more importantly you will look splendid in them.

So make sure you do not share your contact lenses with anyone else as the ones you have bough are for you alone. Secondly, clean your hands before you touch your coloured eye contacts. 

Lastly, never sleep with your coloured contact lenses, that would be really dangerous for your eye health..

Myth 2 – Buying Coloured Contact Lenses is Dangerous For Eye Health

There is another myth that has been flying lately that coloured contacts that are purchased from online stores are low quality and will damage your eyes. That is simply not true. Like every other business contact lenses stores have also moved online. What you were getting from physical stores, you can now simply order it online. 

The quality of the contact lenses are great if you buy from a respectable online store. All you need to do is check the reviews, ask past customers and then buy online. 

In short, buying online is perfectly fine, and these coloured contact lenses will not damage your eye health

Myth 3 – They look Unnatural on Your Eyes

That would depend on the colour and shade of contact lenses you buy for yourself. It is really up to you to add a subtle change to your eye colour or go bold and put on some really dynamic coloured contact lenses.

So pick a colour that will blend in with your eye colour and your skin tone treatment so that it doesn’t loom misplaced with your facial features. 

Also, the better the quality of the contact lenses the more natural they will look. Only when someone looks closely, will they be able to identify that you are actually wearing coloured contact lenses. 

In the end it is up to you to don a natural look.

Myth 5 – Coloured contact lenses will not allow you to wear makeup

That is not much of an issue. You can put makeup while wearing your coloured contact lenses. There is even a special makeup kit available to use with your coloured contact lenses. So that wouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure you put in and take out your contact lenses before applying and washing your facial makeup respectively. 

Myth 4 – They’re Uncomfortable

Only if you are using contact lenses from decades before. Nowadays contact lenses are very comfortable to wear. Same is the case with coloured contact lenses, they are very comfortable to wear. Only difference between the coloured and regular contact lenses is that the coloured contact lenses have a tint on them. This coloured tints are felt on your eye but after a few minutes or inside an hour you get used to it. That is all.

These coloured contact lenses are now made such that they allow more provision for oxygen. There are plastic contact lenses that are made of silicone hydrogel, that is extremely comfortable on the eyes. And the hard contact lenses are also made such that you would not be irritated by them, they are called rigid gas permeable contact lenses. They have more water content in them and they allow more oxygen to pass through to they eye. 

These are some of the myths that are flying nowadays and need to be straightened out. So if you are looking to change your eye colour, then coloured contact lenses are the best option for you.

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