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A Comprehensive Guide to Convert Exchange EDB to PST


Are you facing a problem while converting Exchange EDB to PST?  Then, stay here for the solution. We have available the best approaches to convert Exchange EDB to PST. We are going to provide you with the best manual technique to export EDB to PST. Moreover, we will also provide you the automated techniques to make your process easy to migrate EDB to PST. In a professional way, we will use the expert’s suggested method using a tool EDB to PST Converter. But before that, let’s see why users want to migrate EDB to PST.

Reasons to Convert EDB to PST

There are various reasons to convert EDB to PST. Some of the primary reasons are described below:-

  1. To backup Exchange mailboxes, you need to convert Exchange EDB to PST.
  2. To decrease the chances of corruption users convert EDB to PST.
  3. To export EDB data to another place then you require to convert EDB to PST.
  4. To decrease mailbox size and enhance server performance.

These are some common reasons for EDB to PST migration. Now, let’s start to know the manual processes.

Manual Method to convert Export EDB to PST Using Exchange Admin Center

By using the Exchange Admin center, It can convert Exchange EDB to PST. For this purpose, you should share the folder with Export permission.

This method consists of three steps. Firstly, we will allow export permission and select a shared folder. Next, we will move to export the EDB file to PST format.

Step 1. Setting up Export permission

  • Log in to your Exchange Account as Administrator
  • Then, Click on Permission and choose the Admin roles tab.
  • Select Organization Management and tap on the Edit icon
  • Click on the + icon located under Rules.
  • After that, select the Mailbox Import Export option from the list of rules
  • Click on the Add button and then tap on OK.
  • In the Member section, verify Administrator is selected and then click on the Save button
  • Log Out of the Exchange Admin center and sign in again

Step 2. Create a Shared Folder

  • Open File Explore.
  • Then go to the local disk (C:) and create a folder named “Export PST”.
  • After that Right-click on the folder, choose Properties, and go to the Sharing Tab.
  • Click on Advanced Sharing, select “Share the Folder,” and click on Permissions.
  • Then on Add, then Advanced.
  • Click on Find Now, select Exchange Trusted Subsystem, and click OK.
  • In the Permissions for ExportPST, select Exchange Trusted Subsystem.
  • Select Full Control, Read, and Change permissions.
  • Apply the changes and close the window.
  • Copy the Network Path: \EX19-MBX01\ExportPST and close the dialog.
  • Right-click on the ExportPST folder, choose Properties and go to the Sharing Tab.
  • Click on Advanced Sharing and then Permissions, and Add.
  • Enter “Authenticated Users” as the object name and press Check Names.
  • Select Authenticated Users and click OK.
  • Select allow Full Control, Read, and Change Permissions Checkbox.
  • Click on Apply then Click on the Ok button and close.

Step 3. Export EDB to PST

  • Login to Exchange account as Administrator
  • Click on the Recipients and choose Mailbox tap
  • Then, Go to the Exchange, choose User Mailbox, and Click on the … dots
  • Select the Export to a PST file option, select the content of the mailbox and Click on Next.
  • Paste the path that you just copied, and mention the file name the path will look like \\EX19-MBX01\ExportPST\filename.pst.
  • At last, Click on Next and then the Finish button
  • After completing the EDB to PST conversion, you will get a notification.
  • Go to the ExportPST folder, you will see there the PST file.

By using the above manual techniques, you can convert EDB to PST. But, sometimes the manual method not works properly. Using the manual methods you may lose your data. Therefore, you can take the help of another method using automated ways. Let’s know about the professional technique.

How Do I Convert EDB to PST Professionally

The best solution to convert Exchange EDB to PST is using the professional method. By using the professional way use a third-party tool named EDB to PST Converter. It allows you to extract data from EDB file and also allows you to convert multiple EDB files to PST at once. It has a simple and interactive user interface that allows you to easily convert EDB to PST without losing data. To save time and effort, you can use this technique.  In the next phase see the whole article in a few lines.

Final Words

At last, let us take a summary of the blog. To convert Exchange EDB to PST we explained here the manual processes. But manual method takes a long time and does not provide the accurate result. Therefore I suggest you use a professional method instead of using manual ways.