How Much Does It Cost To Put Built-In Wardrobes?

The cabinets are indispensable in any bedroom. We do not conceive of a room for either adults or children that does not have one in which to store not only clothes, but all kinds of beads or even papers. One of the most widely considered options, especially in bedrooms, is that of Built in sliding wardrobe

 In fact, in many houses and flats, the builders directly design the rooms with these types of cabinets.

Sometimes it is necessary to change the cabinets and make a small reform to transform the house. Although theoretically a room has the same square meters with or without a built-in wardrobe, the fact is that in view of many of us the bedroom seems larger with it built-in . But beyond space, what other advantages do they have? Could any disadvantage apply to them as well?

Advantages of built-in wardrobes


As we said, this type of wardrobe allows you to take better advantage of the space since as a general rule they go from the floor to the ceiling, making every centimeter of the wardrobe useful.


They are much more hygienic than traditional ones. The lack of gaps that communicate with the outside means that less dust accumulates. What will you have to clean? The doors, where in all probability fingerprints and sometimes the grease that we carry on our hands will remain.


Being part of the wall and not being an external part, extending from the floor to the ceiling and only communicating with the outside through the doors, the feeling of order and elegance is much greater.


In all probability you will be the designer of your wardrobe. Unlike what happens when you buy a prefabricated one, in the recessed one you can decide the number of shelves that there will be as well as the drawers you want to put (if you like them). You will think about the utility that you will give it and you will organize it in the best possible way.


You can choose the one that best suits your taste or the conditions of the room. There are three different types: folding, folding and sliding.

Disadvantages of built-in wardrobes


If over the years you want to change your house, you will have to give up built-in furniture: they are part of the house and unlike a prefabricated piece of furniture you will not be able to disassemble it and move it from one place to another.


No, they are not as cheap as usual. He thinks that its installation, in addition to being more difficult, requires work and will depend on hiring a professional.


The hole in the built-in wardrobe is fixed and it will be impossible to move it . Therefore, changes in the distribution of a specific room will not be possible, at least in the case of the closet. This can be a very big condition for those who love to change the distribution frequently.

Built-in wardrobe doors

Although we frequently talk about the doors, the truth is that the interior is also important that it is in perfect condition. That is why it is always recommended to cover it to prevent the smell that may be caused on the walls from permeating the clothes.

Closet doors

When you have to choose a Built in sliding wardrobe, the main decision will focus on the doors (beyond the interior distribution that you want to give it).

Before we mentioned that they are one of the advantages over other types of cabinets because you can choose which type you will put. 

As in the doors of your house, there are different types of doors, although in principle there are three main ones: folding, folding and sliding.


They are what we find in most cabinets, whether they are built-in or not. Your choice is basically conditional on the ease of installation.

It is a mechanism in which only two or three hinges have to be installed. The only downside they have is that you have to leave space for the door leaf to do all the movement

Built-in wardrobe with folding doors


Without a doubt they are the most comfortable both in the movement that must be made to open them and in the space they occupy since you will not need to have a few centimeters in front since the opening is lateral. It will also be necessary to put a system of bearings so that the doors slide.

Fitted wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes are ideally suited to an irregularly shaped space, when adding a standing wardrobe might seriously detract from the overall appearance. For good reason, fitted wardrobes have been a popular choice for decades. Our top furniture designers describe what makes them so valuable.

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