Do You Want To Recover Your Deleted FB Messages? – Read This Guide

Losing important messages can be annoying as hell. It looks tougher, especially if you anticipate the type of hard work you need to input for recovery. If you have recently deleted some important messages and have no other way except to restore them, then this article is tailored for you. 

We have mainly focused on how to restore deleted messages from Messenger on Android devices. However, did you know your handset itself has in-built features as well as effective solutions to find all the lost messages instantly?  If not, then this article is highly beneficial to you. 

To be very precise, FB message recovery will remain a tedious task to you till now but not anymore. In this guide, we have brought multiple ways of recovering deleted FB messages.

Top Ways To Recover Deleted Messages From Facebook Messenger

Did you delete some messages on FB Messenger unintentionally? Sit back and relax. Firstly, please do not panic because it happens to everyone. We know you have been searching for that one, two, or three messages over the last 2 hours but getting failed every time. 

According to Facebook, once you have deleted a message, it is never going to come back. In fact, you cannot undo the deletion online Telegram. But luckily few tricks can help you get the messages back. 

In the below segment, we will shed light on several insightful hacks for finding removed messages from FB messenger in detail. 

1. Make Use Of The Facebook Orca Folder On Your Android

You have often seen a folder on your mobile phone named com.facebook.orca – right? But could you ever imagine that it is an excellent tool for recovering lost messages on FB? Yes, it is accurate, and to do it, follow the step:

  • Connect your Android phone with the PC through a USB cable. 
  • Go to File manager
  • Then navigate to ‘Internal storage.’
  • Select Android and then choose the option Data 
  • Detect the folder ‘com.facebook.orca’ here and then select it
  • Now quickly click the Cache. After that, hit fb_temp
  • You will be able to find the messages you want to recover and then follow the steps as per screen instructions. It will enable you to complete the recovery process. 

2. Use Archived Messages 

i) Archive Messages:

Many of you are not aware of this, but archived messages help in deleted message restoration. In case you do not know how to archive a message on FB Messenger, adhere to the steps below:

  • Open the FB messenger app on your android handset
  • Find the recent conversations. Then tap and select the conversations or chats that you would like to archive.
  • Once you are done, hold and long press on it. Then select the menu option with 3- horizontal lines. 
  • After that, choose the option called Archive.  

These simple steps would send the messages or even an entire conversation into Archives. Later you can instantly use these archives to recover the permanently omitted messages. 

ii) Recover Messages From The Archive Folder Using Your Facebook Settings:

This step is linked to the previous step where we have explained how to archive the messages on FB Messenger. Now follow the below steps to recover those archived messages with the help of Facebook Settings.

  • Sign in to your FB account from the desktop
  • Then navigate to the Settings  and hit the option General Account Settings 
  • Choose the option ‘Your Facebook Information’ from the left-side panel
  • Click on the ‘Download your information’ located at the right-side panel
  • Select the option ‘Messages’ here and hit the Create File button. 

Once the procedure is complete, you will receive a notification. Click on it and hit the Download button near the file that you would like to download. Next, enter the security password, and a new window would instruct you to save the file on your system. 

You have free access to these files from your Android also to restore the removed texts anytime. 

3. Using 3rd Party Apps

Some 3rd Party Software such as Stellar Data Recovery can retrieve the omitted messages in your device instantly. These tools work by scanning your Facebook Contacts, audio clips, videos, and images. 

The Bottom Line 

Now that you know how to recoup the lost messages on Facebook Messages, you should feel relaxed. Indeed, the procedures are too simple, although you need to know the entire process accurately. 

Now text your friends or relatives, or colleagues without any tension of message loss because none of them is permanently lost. You will regain it shortly, even if it gets deleted temporarily. 

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