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Does An Adult Need A Lawyer For A Dog Bite Claim?

When an adult is injured in a dog bite attack, he or she may require the services of an attorney. This legal representative may simply advance necessary costs or assist the injured party in recovering three to five times what they would be able to recover on their own. In addition, the knowledgeable legal team will assist you in better understanding what to do after dog bite injuries.

Hire an Attorney to Handle a Dog Bite Injury Claim

The most compelling reason is that less than 1% of all victims of dog bites receive any form of compensation. Therefore, the victim has almost no chance of receiving the justice they deserve if they do not have an attorney.

An insurance adjuster will almost certainly only offer a victim 10% to 20% of what he or she would offer if the victim had a lawyer. This means that the insurance company will keep the remaining 80 to 90 percent of the victim’s deserved compensation.

When a victim tries to file a dog bite injury claim, he or she puts themselves in the shoes of the prosecutor. In the eyes of the court, this will almost certainly arouse resentment without reason. This can be exacerbated by the victim’s inability to correctly phrase aspects of their case in order to settle his or her claim successfully.

Often, a victim will make an accusation that is not legally admissible. This is why a dog bite victim should seek the advice of a qualified attorney to help them navigate the legal process of filing an injury claim. Handling legal matters with the assistance of a lawyer is ultimately more efficient, as it is less stressful and more effective in the long run.

What About the Dog Owner?

You are not confronting the dog’s owner when you hire a lawyer. Many victims are concerned that filing an injury claim will reflect poorly on the owner or that it will otherwise harass, embarrass, or financially disrupt their lives. This is common in cases where the dog owner is a close friend of the plaintiff, and it discourages many people from filing dog bite accident lawsuits.

When compensation is paid to settle the claim, the plaintiff will realize that these cases are primarily about dealing with the insurance company, which is responsible for covering the damages. It should be noted that the purpose of these injury claims is not to harm any specific party but to obtain the compensation required when you or a loved one has been injured in a serious accident.

Hiring a Dog Bite Lawyer Is Not Always the Same as a Lawsuit

Hiring a lawyer does not imply filing a lawsuit. However, a skilled lawyer will understand how to avoid a lawsuit with the insurance company and how to settle a claim outside of court.

Approximately 98 percent of all bodily injury cases are settled out of court and without a trial. So, by hiring an attorney, you are not escalating your case but instead providing some assurance that the claim will be handled more quickly and efficiently.

An experienced attorney is the only person who can accurately evaluate a claim for an injured victim. Without the assistance of a lawyer, a victim will struggle to determine the monetary value of their own injury settlement. This is due to the scarcity of accessible and reliable sources of information for accurately evaluating an injury claim.

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Many times, an adult will be unable to work for an undetermined period of time following an accident. When trying to demonstrate lost wages, you must have proof from your employer. A lawyer can obtain specific information about what you should have earned while providing evidence of causation related to the dog bite injury, which simplifies the process.

In addition, the victim of a dog attack is likely to suffer from severe disfigurement and a significant loss in future earning capacity. Proving a loss of future earning capacity without the assistance of a legal expert can be difficult, if not impossible, in many cases. This is critical in your case because it could account for a significant portion of your final settlement.

Of course, medical expenses will be associated with a dog bite injury. These medical expenses can be extremely expensive for the victim, leaving them in debt of thousands of dollars. You will need the assistance of an experienced dog bite injury lawyer to ensure that you receive the total compensation you are entitled to after a dog bite attack.

Hire an Experienced Lawyer Today!

Victims of dog bite attacks may suffer permanent disfigurement and be unable to work for the rest of their lives. These attacks and their consequences can be life-changing for both victims and their families.

The team of experienced dog bite injury lawyers will work tirelessly on behalf of the clients to ensure that they receive the highest possible settlement.