Durable & Trendy Summer Cushions for Outdoor Use

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Furniture is an important part of house decoration. Just like furniture, selection of cushion also matters a lot. Instead of just checking the low price tag, it is sensible to consider other features and rest all the summer on comfortable cushions. In hot weather, people desire to spend the evening time outside. The material for indoor and outdoor cushion look almost similar but there is great difference in quality and durability. Water resistant material is preferred to avoid mildew and mold. Moreover, sunlight can fade the color. Get H&M coupon for picking the best summer cushions in floral, printed, frill, embossed and tassel patterns.

Best Outdoor Cushion Materials

  • Vinyl

Vinyl or PVC is a plastic material. It is selected widely for low cost. It has not enough capability to wear the weather damages, therefore get hot under the sun. It is not good to take rest as the hot cushions can burn the back. PVC is not recyclable so it is better to choose environment friendly material.

  • Cotton Canvas

It is not a newly introduced material. You will be surprised that the material was also available even in 13th century. This inexpensive option can be colored but it is prone to experience mildew due to non-resistant nature. If you select cotton canvas, apply water proof application within 12 months.

  • Texteline

It is made up of polyester yarn. The mesh woven stuff is again covered with PVC. Though it absorbs heat but the yarns are more durable than other materials. As a result, the material is not prone to wear and tear. The waterproof cushions can lose the color. To maintain the PVC coating, do not bleach the stuff; otherwise the coating will be damaged. Select H&M coupon to get stylish and durable summer cushions in multiple colors on discount.

  • Polyester Fill

It is fluffy, soft and inexpensive material that can compress out with the passage of time. Instead of giving practical benefits, it offers just visual gains.

  • Sunbrella Texture

It is a reliable texture that is preferred for colorable feature. It is most preferred material because it is completely waterproof, fade resistant, chlorine safe and mildew resistant. Always remember that waterproof material is better than water resistant material as it cannot soak up water, whereas the water resistant material will absorb water and then shed water like a sponge.

Cushion Ties

Cushion tie is another feature that makes the cushion perfect and presentable. If ties are not present, the cushion will keep on moving when you sit down or stand up. Moreover, cushion ties will never let the cushions to fall on the ground.

With the use of H&M coupon, order the best cushions for outdoor use. Apart from large size cushions, you are given possibility to select small size decorative pillows for decoration. Do not compromise on the softness, durability and comfort level. Selection of waterproof fabric will keep the cushion safe from rain and mold. For better support, place bolster long size circular pillows to give some support to neck area.

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