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2 Top Strategies to Export Outlook PST Contacts to VCF (vCard) Format

In brief, vCard files are text-based, portable, and extensively compatible with a broad range of devices and programs, such as email clients and mobile phones. Because of this, VCF is frequently used over PST for exchanging contact information since it is more user-friendly, compatible, and straightforward. This blog offers tested methods for converting PST to VCF. In addition, to ensure a seamless and effective contact transfer procedure, we advise utilizing a PST to VCF converter.

Identifying the Need for PST File Conversion to vCard Format

For a number of reasons, it is frequently necessary to convert PST files to vCard format. Usually, this has to do with compatibility, contact sharing, and email management. The following are the primary justifications for the conversion:

  • Contact information can be effortlessly moved across various email programs and platforms with the help of PST to vCard conversion.
  • A popular contact information format that works with many different programs and gadgets is vCard. Conversely, PST is exclusive to Microsoft Outlook.
  • Saving contacts in vCard format allows you to easily back up and store contact information independent of your email system.
  • vCard or VCF files can be easily shared with others via email or messaging apps, and contact information can be easily accessed and used.
  • vCard import is supported by a wide range of contact management and CRM programs. This allows you to integrate your contact data into these systems.

These general requirements require the user to switch from her PST to VCF. Therefore, it is likely that you need to convert your contacts from her PST to vCard. Then learn how to simplify this conversion process.

Advanced Methods to Convert Outlook PST to VCF (vCard)

There are multiple methods to convert PST to VCF. You can follow a manual approach or use specialized software. The following section provides steps to convert PST to vCard format.

Method 01: Convert PST contacts to vCards in Outlook

Here we define the manual conversion of Outlook contacts to vCards. If you have Microsoft Outlook installed, you can manually convert PST contacts to VCF. However, this method requires two different phases to complete the task. Both phases are also explained in detail.

Stage 01: Convert Outlook PST to CSV format

  • First, open MS Outlook on your screen and go to File.
  • On the File tab, click Open & Export > Import/Export.
  • In the Import and Export Wizard, select Export to File > Next from the drop-down list.
  • Then select Comma-Separated Values to continue.
  • Then browse to the folder you want to export and select Next > Map Custom Fields.
  • Then tap Done to export your Outlook contacts to CSV file format.

Stage 02: Convert CSV to vCard using Gmail

Next, you need to import the exported CSV file into vCard. To do this, follow the given steps:

  • Now go to your web browser and open Gmail.
  • Next, click the dotted icon for Google Apps.
  • Next, select Contacts from the Google app.
  • In the Contacts window, tap Import.
  • Tap the Choose File button to browse for the exported CSV file.
  • Once you have entered the desired file, click Import to convert the CSV file to a vCard.

Note: This method can be used to convert PST to vCard. However, you will need to follow various steps for a complete conversion. Moreover, you can also convert PST to VCF one by one. If you find this approach complicated, move on to the next approach to simplify it.

Method 2: Use the People tool to convert Outlook PST to VCF or vCard

Outlook is once more needed to convert PST to vCrad. Take these actions:

  • Navigate to the “people” icon in Outlook.
  • After that, choose Transfer after selecting the correct contact.
  • Next, choose to save your business card.
  • A fresh email with all of your contacts will then show up on your screen.
  • Afterward, choose the contact and click the gear icon.
  • Next, fill in where you would like contacts on business cards to be stored.

You can use Outlook to convert PST files straight to VCF by following these instructions. Never forget that because of its limitations, manually transferring contacts from PST to vCard format might be difficult. As a result, you should be aware of the limits of each of these methods before utilizing the manual method.

Obstacles to Manually Converting Outlook contacts to vCard

Manually converting Outlook contacts to VCF format can be challenging due to several obstacles. Some of the major issues that an individual can face are listed below:

  • These methods are very time-consuming, especially for a large number of contacts.
  • Manual conversion increases the risk of errors such as missing data or malformed format.
  • Exporting contacts requires a certain level of technical knowledge.
  • Manual conversion does not natively support bulk export of contacts from PST to vCard.
  • Manual processes involve several steps and can be complex and tedious.
  • Data integrity can be lost during the manual conversion process. B. Due to the loss of contact photos or notes.

To overcome these obstacles, users often resort to automatic tools specially designed to convert their contacts from their PST to vCard format. Proceed to the next section to complete the conversion process easily.

Method 03: How to convert PST to VCF or vCard without MS Outlook

Converting PST to VCF is simple and virus-free using WholeClear PST to VCF Converter. You can use this program to Export Outlook PST Contacts to VCF (vCard) Format at once by selecting them. To check the things you’ve chosen, it also offers a preview window. Additionally, a date range filter is included to help you locate contacts among hundreds of emails. Without the need for technical expertise, it provides a simple and easy interface for converting PST files to vCard. In order to match the structure of the PST file being searched, the folder hierarchy remains intact during conversion. Proceed with the following steps to streamline the conversion process.

6 easy steps to change PST to VCF or vCard

  • First, launch and run the WholeClear PST to VCF converter on your PC.
  • Next, select the required PST file by clicking on “Select File” or “Select Folder”.
  • The selected Outlook file will then be displayed in the preview window.
  • Then highlight File Format and select vCard from the drop-down list.
  • In the next area, go to Tools > Advanced Features > Save using Path.
  • Finally, click the Convert button to start converting PST to vCard.


This blog has shown that the vCard format is essential for improving contact accessibility and compatibility across different platforms. Additionally, you have also learned about the different techniques used to convert PST to VCF. While automated solutions can avoid the drawbacks of manual methods, these tools simplify the process, ensure data integrity, and handle multiple contacts efficiently. After manual and automatic conversion, choose the method that best suits your needs and technical expertise. However, choosing the right approach provides reliability, compatibility, and security features.

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