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Thinking Of Internet? Think Only Fiber Optics Internet

Most of us must have heard the buzzword “fiber internet” – it is better and fast. But do you really know what fiber optics internet is? Why it is fast and reliable? How businesses and IT companies are yielding higher returns?

Fiber optics internet technology is a relatively newer technology than the traditional copper wired broadband internet. Moreover, the data transmission rate is at lightning speed in fiber optics internet all thanks to glass tubes which are as thin as human strands. Additionally, companies of all sizes can reap the benefits of this latest and innovative technology, especially the organizations that are using cloud apps. Are you curious about how fiber optics is beneficial for your venture or for your household? Read along!

Ultimate TV picture quality-

The latest 4K TV is all about crisper pictures but it also ingests more of the internet bandwidth. A traditional internet connection with a speed of 100 Mbps may scuffle to give 4K live video streaming services. However, fiber optics speed is approx. 500 Mbps which will smoothly stream the content for 4k TV and movies.

Lighting Speed-

The optimal bandwidth capabilities makes the fiber optic stand out among copper wired traditional internet connection. Plus, the potential speed it can reach is gigabits (1000/1000 Mpbs). This means when there is a high demand for internet access the productivity should not suffer due to slow internet connection. As per recent studies, a slow broadband connection can cost “one week of yearly productivity”, though it may seem minor, however, if we add up it can significantly amplify the companies cost.

Upload and Download Speed Is Symmetrical-

The symmetrical or uniform upload and download speed has made fiber optics popular among the millennial. The most internet service provider (ISP) offers low upload speed but with the rise in demand for online gaming, streaming service, and YouTube’s videos users are demanding consistent download and upload speed. So, more and more consumers are opting for fiber optics cable.

Reliability is The Key –

You are watching your favorite movie and suddenly the picture gets freeze. Do you know what causes the movie to stop? It’s the slow cable internet connection that gets interrupted when the internet demand is at the peak. However, with fiber optics, this would never happen as it is designed to handle more data and more users at a higher speed. Added bonus: fiber optics is not as prone to outages as the traditional cable internet connection.

Smoother For Cloud Access-

Nowadays, more and more businesses are shifting to the cloud for storage and data such as CRM (Customer relationship management) tools to cloud developed apps. With fiber optics, the speed and bandwidth are quick which gives faster access to the applications and data saved on the cloud. The fiber-optics internet is imperative for 96% of the organizations that are using the cloud for their operations.

More Bandwidth-

Today businesses need high bandwidth to accomplish their daily tasks such as web conferences, stream high-quality videos, sharing large storage files, and cloud applications. Whereas cable internet marketing strategy bandwidth can easily hit the cap but with fiber optics, the availability of bandwidth speed is higher. Moreover, it does not get slow with high network demands. So, businesses whose internet connection is not getting supported by traditional telephone service providers should surely upgrade to a robust fiber internet connection.

To conclude

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