Get Your Leather Jacket Game Right

This is a jacket that every man should have and a piece of clothing that can easily make anyone feel cool. Here is our guide about wearing a leather jacket perfectly.

The leather jacket is a practical and stylish piece of men’s clothing that has worn the backs of motorcyclists over the shoulders of some of the most stylish men in the world in the 1920s.

Sure, many people will immediately think of a biker jacket, but there are many styles in which you can dip your fingers. From biker jackets to bombers, you can easily find a leather jacket that suits your needs.

The History of Leather Jackets

A protective outer layer, a leather bomber jacket for German fighter pilots in World War I, dates back to the early 1900s. Irving Shoot picked up the operation of the jacket and designed the first motorcycle jacket for Harley-Davidson, designed for use during the war. The leather jacket became military during World War II and was adopted by Hollywood as a symbol of masculine brutality and rebellious culture until the 1950s. The likes of James Dean and Marilyn Brando reinforced the leather jacket on the big screen, now popular, as a symbol of both style and masculinity.

From the 1960s to the 1980s, the music industry adopted a similar style, with artists such as The Beatles, Duran Duran and Blondie often playing different styles. By the 1990s, supermodels such as Kate Moss had risen to fame and were big supporters of the rogue, alternative rock style in the form of leather jackets. Go ahead and the leather jacket is strong in both high fashion and high street style. Suitable for every occasion and available in many styles, it has become a very versatile and wearable piece.


Biker Jacket

Gone are the days when biker jackets were a purely functional item, worn by bikers to fight the elements and keep their valuables safe. If you invest in good quality, it will definitely save you from the great British weather or from losing your wallet at night. More importantly, it is now a very fashionable piece that can be worn on any occasion. From brunch to pub. Although it is best not to go to any of the offices.

Bomber jacket

This style has changed a lot since the early 1900s, and is now the best for everyday jacket as well as for Halloween Costume jacket. Thrown over a T-shirt and jeans or hung over your shoulder if you’re feeling brave, a leather bomber jacket is a foolproof way to enhance almost any outfit.

How to wear it

A classic piece like a leather jacket doesn’t require much dressing, so a simple or logo top is probably your best bet when choosing what to wear under the jacket. A basic jumper will work well even in the colder months, but unless you’re possibly too hot and want to spend the day spinning hard like a board, don’t try to squeeze a little there.

As far as jeans are concerned, dark wash is the best. Choose slim or slim fit to avoid looking like you are really riding a motorbike. A classic shoe like the Converse or Dr. Martens are perfect for leather jacket match. They will keep your clothes simple and timeless.

Buying a leather jacket is definitely an investment. They may not be as simple in dress or style as a formal coat, but they are practical, durable and, most importantly, full of attitude. Whether you decide to wear a leather biker jacket or a slightly different one and choose a bomber, you can always style a leather jacket.

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