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Gide to avail the Sapphire Rods

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Sapphire Rods

Sapphire is one of the major varieties of gem that is known as corundum and ruby. It is a special type of gemstone, which further includes various types of metals including iron, chromium, vanadium, titanium, and magnesium. Aluminum Oxide (a-AL2O3) is one of the major components found in the sapphire gemstone. 

The sapphire is a great product and has various uses. The strength and resistance of this are also far better and can positively replace any metal or aluminum, and silicon. However, the Sapphire Rods are considered to be great alternatives to quartz. 

Are you looking for the Sapphire Rods for yourself and want to enjoy the best protection? Then, this is the right place for you, as here, in this article you can avail all the related information that can help you to avail the best rods of sapphire. 

What are Sapphire Rods?

The Sapphire Rods can be used for several purposes and normally works as an insulator. The sapphire present in these rods is further made of crystal aluminum and also contains pyre corundum that when combines give the ultimate properties. These are the hardest products and are commonly used as jewels also. It can also be however shaped in various things including, windows, rods, and tubes. 

However, a Sapphire Rod working like the insulator can be achieved with the help of a good polishing that is further opted for surface fine grinds, polished surface for optical, and wear application surface. These are further used in Light Pipes, Insulators, Spacers, Pumps, and other Wear applications. The dimension and length of these particular rods can be measured with the help of OD that is small as 0.0175. 

What are the Sapphire Rods used for?

The Sapphire Rods serve a lot of beneficial properties and that is the reason it has a huge amount of popularity. These are considered as the go-to materials and can serve a huge list of conditions that are further listed below:

  1. Harder than Diamond

The sapphire are harder than diamonds and as you know that diamonds cannot make rods that is the reason it provides rods, tubes, and other things. The Sapphire Rods is best considered because:

  •  It can control the high-pressure and can also mobilize the plumbing for systems with high pressure. 
  • It can take care of high pressure while providing safe observation, and goof flow to the fluids and gases. 
  • It can be best used for a belligerent atmosphere to further protect the in-house sensitive sensors from mechanical abuse and pressures. 
  • It is also good for standoff applications and rod comportment that however protects from abrasion while ensuring good stability. 
  1. It transmits light
  • It can be used for lamps as it can penetrate deeper UV and IR lights than any other lamp. 
  • It can be used for plasmas and temperature regulators as well as it have great thermal strength and can serve for years. 
  • It is also great for transferring a wide range of wavelengths and is thus best used for the pyrometer. However, it can resist heat up to 2000C without any damage. 
  1. Highly Robust
  • These are best and it can control a 2000C temperature regulation it provides the ultimate protection. Therefore, using this as combustion tubes, gas tubes, or rods can be highly beneficial. 
  • It can also work great when infused with silica and can positively control high temperature. However, the silica tends to degrade over time. 
  1. These are Chemical and Plasma Resistance

These are also widely used as Plasma applications including chemical chambers and objects. No material can put any effect on the Sapphire Rods, however caustic salts can. Using this to chemical and plasma platforms can also further provide a huge amount of protection. 

Where you can use the Sapphire?

There are several industrial places where the Sapphire Rods can be used. The usability of these are further listed below:

  • Aero-space- These can be applied as Windows, ball bearings, sensors. 
  • Oil and Gas- It can be used for gauges, diffusion plates, and sight windows without housing. 
  • Research- It is good for research industries and can be applied as curettes, containment tubes, and lenses. 
  • Military- Military application further includes viewports, sensors, range finders, and windows. 
  • Semi-conductor- The application of the semiconductor is lasers, plasma tubes, and lamps. 
  • Medical- It can further serve the camera lens cover including dental tool, as well as good for endoscopy as well. 


So with a huge list of benefits, you can opt for these rods. However, if you are not sure then you can consider Sapphire Optics

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