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Gift Ideas For First Night After Marriage

The first night is always very special for married couples. It’s a night of the beginning of a new life filled with hopes and excitement. For a long time now the first night after the arranged marriage systems has been recognised as an auspicious night for two people who just stepped into a new phase of their lives and are going to live it together. It’s a day when both of them come home together with their elder’s blessings and with promises that they did to each other. 

At this moment all the anxiety has converted to excitement – excitement of living with someone special, someone who you love a lot, the excitement of getting up daily to the beautiful faces of each other, excitement of being together as man and wife. There is no doubt that the day is really special. Well, why not make it a little more special and exciting? Surprise your partner with a present, make their heart race a little faster as you give them a gift. If you are not sure what to give, well worry not, we are here to help you out. 

Platinum Love Bands 

Nothing is more valuable than a promise to be together till the last breath. Well, your partner deserves to be blessed with such a gift that represents your forever bond and beginning of new life. Gaze directly into their eyes and take their hand, and put the bracelet on. They will love that you have got a matching bracelet for them. To make it more charming, you can get those engraved.

Room Decoration

Well, this gift will win the heart of your wife. You need to work a little for this but trust us; it will be worth it after you get to see that cute smile on her face. All you need to do is, beforehand get some information about how she wants her room to be, but be careful don’t just simply ask and give up the surprise factor. And then get your room renovated or decorated accordingly. She will be surprised and will fall for you harder.

Designer Cake

Well, if she has a sweet tooth and loves cake, then it is quite simple, just get her a designer cake in her favourite flavour and design which represents how much you love her. We know you won’t have time to get a cake but do not worry as you can opt for online cake delivery in Jodhpur, Delhi, Mumbai or wherever you live beforehand and customise your delivery slot as well. If you had an arranged marriage, this idea would be a great ice breaker too. Make her feel comfortable and just wait for the magic of love spread around.

Hand – Written Love Letter

There is nothing more romantic and special than a handwritten letter for your partner. They will appreciate it from the bottom of their heart. This definitely will make them fall in love with you all over again. Also, if you are a person who can’t express themself and their feelings well, then this idea will help you for sure as you can pen down all your feelings for your life partner.

Breakfast In Bed

Well, this idea is not for the first night but for the first morning together. You can wake up your partner to breakfast in bed. And this idea would be more appreciated if done for wives by their husbands. 

So, these were some ideas, if you have something more unique in mind, go with that and make your partner fall in love with you!

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