Gojek Clone App has the thunder that the On-Demand Service Industry needed to burgeon into a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry. This App renders 70+ Services online through one single dynamic Platform wherein Millions of Users login each day to shop till they drop! But what arrests the attention of the Entrepreneurs worldwide is its Profit-Centric Business Models and Money-Minting Revenue Models.


Taxi Rides, Cabs and Moto Rides on Rent, Transport and Logistics, Food and Grocery Delivery, Getting Goods and Packages couriered within the city, sending Parcel to Single or Multiple Destinations, Availing a Classic Car Wash Service in Nigeria .

You can also hire Personal Academic Tutors through this very same App!

Scheduling an appointment with a Doctor, Masseuse, Beautician, Lawyer, Fitness Coach and Yoga Instructor. This App is also beneficial in providing Handmen Services such as Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Maids and Mechanics.

Do you want to repair anything? Because this Multi Service App like Gojek can arrange it all for you in Nigeria ! Television Sets, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Sofas and even Carpets – Professionals will pay a Home-Visit and Repair the article of your choice.


Now Customize your Food Inside-Out!

Stella and her friends are doing a night-over at her place and they all are in the mood to have Macaroni and Cheese! Stella opens her Gojek Clone App and places an order for all four of them with different customizations!

Stella chooses Vegan Mac and Cheese for herself and customizes it her way. Small diced Yellow-Onions, Broccoli, Cauliflower, minced Garlic Cloves, Elbow Macaroni, unsweetened coconut milk, Dijon Mustard and Paprika. She didn’t add Cayenne Pepper, Toasted Walnuts, and Black Pepper!

Her other three friends opted for Lobster Mac and Cheese. They are having fun customizing it. They added Fresh Chives to Cooked Lobster Meat, Unsalted Butter, Finely Diced Red Onions, Minced Garlic Cloves, Cheddar Cheese, Panko Breadcrumbs and Black Pepper. They didn’t add Fusilli Pasta, Cayenne Pepper, Milk, and shredded Gruyère Cheese.

Now Drivers can no longer defraud you!

Taxi/Food/Grocery/Parcel Delivery Drivers cannot click on the “Arrived” Icon on their Apps unless they are 20 metres away from the Pick-Up/Drop Location. The App Owner can change this value to even 10 metres. This was done to put an end to the fraudulent and unethical practices of certain Drivers who’d Click on the “Arrived” icon even when they are clearly miles away from the punched in Address.

These Drivers would then call up Customers and yell at them for putting in inaccurate Address because a lot of their precious time has been wasted in tracking down the Customers. Then, these Drivers would extort exorbitant amounts of money in the name of “Waiting Period” Charges.

One Store can register under more than one Category

This feature has benefitted the Service Provider the most. Now, a Bakery can also be registered as a Restaurant and a Baking Utensils Shop. With this, two more streams of revenue have now opened up for the Service Provider. All that the Service Provider has to do is submit an application to the App Owner by specifying what all additional Services they’d want to offer. 

The App Owner approves the request most of the times because it also simultaneously increases the volume of Commissions earned. Under the Commission-Based Business Model, the App Owner earns Commission on every Single Order Placed or Service Rendered through the App. The App Owner stands to earn thrice the amount of Commission from one single Service Provider itself.

Using Firebase Technology to verify Mobile Numbers of New Users

The App Owner now uses Firebase Technology that verifies Mobile Numbers of up to 10,000 New Users every month for Free. This is a much better alternative than using the expensive Third-Party Messenger Twilio.


A well-integrated Digital Platform that has a strong network of both the Users and the Service Providers which comes with the Automated Billing Feature is surely a boon for the App Owner. And for this exact same reason, the On-Demand Industry will cripple down without Powerful Gojek Clone App. Those who have already launched the App are Millionaires now! Do you also aspire to be a Millionaire? Do you want to make easy and quick money in the shortest period possible? Then Contact us right now and launch your very own App like Gojek within a Weeks’ time! And see how miraculously you start raking in Profits from Day 1 of the Launch.

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