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Google Meet premium video meetings- free for everyone

We all know the power of technology and how it can bring more people together. Especially during the lockdown, the world has seen a drastic surge in the usage of technology and video calls to continue productivity in the workplace and also in the educational sectors seamlessly. And the dependency on video calls for students as well as working professionals is only increasing day by day. Video meetings serve a variety of purposes, such as attending a class, collaborating with remote team members, talking to a healthcare professional, or connecting with your family who stays far away. The list is endless. Considering all these, Google has decided to make its premium video conferencing tool, Google Meet, free for everybody. The free availability will continue to roll out for each user, and anyone with an email address can sign up for Meet. Moreover, all users will be able to enjoy the same features of Meet that educational and business users do, such as screen sharing, real-time captions, layouts, and expanded tiled view.

How Google Meet operates on a secure foundation:

Google Meet is designed on a secure foundation. Meet users are expanding rapidly, with a noticeable growth in daily usage by 30x since January, as per reports. Google has announced that its Meet daily participants have exceeded 100 million. With so much growth comes the great responsibility of providing full-time security for its users. Video meetings are supposed to be personal and private, for it could be a patient consulting with a doctor about some personal health-related issues, a financial advisor talking about private information to his client, or a family sharing personal, loving moments. Therefore, Google has worked hard to make Meet safe by default. Take a look at Google Meet’s default-on safety measures:

  • The host has the power to allow or deny entry to the meetings. Moreover, the host can control when to mute or remove a participant.
  • No anonymous users without a valid Google account can join any meeting.
  • Meeting codes are usually complex, eliminating the risk of people misusing them.
  • Meet videos are encrypted in transit. Also, the recordings of the videos are saved in Google Drive, which is encrypted in transit and at rest.
  • Meet works on Chrome or other browsers and does not require plugins to use it on the web, making it a secure platform.
  • People who use Meet can enroll their Meet in the Advanced Protection Program- it is Google’s highly secured program to safeguard user information from cyberattacks such as phishing and hijacking.
  • Google Cloud goes through strict security and privacy audits to solidify the security of its services.

Ways to enjoy free Google Meet experience for individuals, Business Plan organizations, and educational institutions:

For individual users: Anyone who has an email account can use Google Meet for free. Meet mobile apps are available for iOS and Android users to schedule, start, or join video meetings anytime. All you need is a Google Account to sign up once and it only takes a minute. A Google account is required as a security measure.

For Non-Google Workspace customers: Businesses that are not subscribed to Google Workspace can leverage Google’s edition, G Suite Essentials. Grow your business more efficiently with Google Workspace. G Suite Essentials include Google Drive enabling users to access team’s information and documents and join Meet meetings with advanced features for recording meetings, hosting larger meetings, dial-in phone numbers, etc.

For educational institutions and schools: Google Workspace for Education is a free service by Google which includes a complete suite of Google apps, amongst which Google Meet is one. This feature has been specially designed for schools.