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What is the best type of hair extensions for fine hair?

Fine hair has always been one of the major enemies of luscious and voluminous hairstyles. The fact is that many women around the world have naturally thin hair or ended up with weaker hair due to excessive dyeing or unsuitable diets. Many types of treatments and procedures can give your volume back but one of the easiest ways to have your mane back is hair extensions. Let’s see which ones are most suitable for the ladies with fine hair.

1.Clip-in hair extensions

These are some of the most affordable hair extensions on the market. They are very easy to put on and they can be worn every day. The only issue is that you can’t sleep with them and you have to style it a bit to cover the clips. These Clip In Hair Extensions are attached to the root of your natural hairstyle with small clips and this allows many styling options.

The best clip-in hair extensions for thin are the ones that have multiple colors that will match your natural hair. This way you will be able to blend the clip-in hair extensions perfectly. As bonus points for this type of extensions, they are considered the least damaging for thin and fine hair given that if you wear them correctly they cause no damage at all.

2.Tape-in hair extensions

These hair extensions are very similar to the previous ones but the attaching system is different. They are also very cheap and easy to wear but they may cause some damage if they are worn overnight and not taken care of.

They blend in perfectly with a little bit of styling and can be easily put on at home without much hassle. The only possible issue with these is that the attaching system can get tangles if the hair is very fine and taking them off can become a struggle, especially if you are backcombing your hair while styling. As a tip, if you choose these hair extensions to be very careful when combing your hair while wearing them and extremely careful when taking them out.

3.Sew-in hair extensions

In terms of durability, these hair extensions are the best. Even if they have a higher price and they require maintenance every 6 weeks or so, they can be the answer for the ladies that want constant length and volume.

But if you have found these Hair Extensions are quite debatable. Many stylists don’t recommend this type of augmentation for fine hair because it can pull out the already thin hair. Certain techniques leave the hair a bit more relaxed and they can work for fine hair. But as a general rule, even though these extensions have a long life, they can damage and pull out the fine hair.

If you are looking for gorgeous locks but you have fine hair, the clip-in hair extensions seem to be the answer. Easy to wear and maintain, they cause no damage and they can be reused over and over again.

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