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Setting up Headless WordPress Website in Simple Steps

The technology trends for doing business have taken a huge shift after the pandemic situation making everyone amazed with how the business will work and how it will flourish. Headless WordPress may be understood in a single line with the aid of thinking about that ordinarily while you make an alternate with inside the content, or the touch us shape subject or a button name you try this from the WordPress and might without a doubt see that alternate is being displayed in the front-end and the way it’ll be viewed.

The case is distinctive in headless wherein you do now and no longer see it best alternate it and the front stop can be updated for that reason thru APIs at the SSG.

Deployment of Gatsby WordPress Website

 The decoupled approach of web development is sometimes found difficult and it becomes a setback to the users and the businesses who intend to use the decoupled approach and more specifically Gatsby WordPress theme for their website. So, we will provide you with simple steps of using the Gatsby WordPress template and deploying on the server. Although the most common approach for deployment in the businesses is used with AWS that is also found to be the most difficult one you can use the service of your choice and follow the steps.

Step 1 -Setting up Account

 Traditionally you may find different hosting channels who offer free hosting for JAMstack websites but businesses may have security issues and other reservations. Netlify is one of the hosting services provided that can be availed without any cost. Furthermore, you can also use AWS with a minimum package per month. However, you can create your login by sign up and adding your card details and activating your account on the hosting site.

If lately you have already created an account or signed up, it will ask you to complete registration and you can complete by providing any missing information.

Step 2 – Generating Static Copy of Website

The prerequisite for this process is that you already have Headless WordPress installed and all the content is available on the same content management system. We assume you have installed WordPress and used it as a headless CMS by installing the GraphQL APIs plugin and without installing any theme. You should not go for multiple hosting providers so you have to install the WordPress CMS on your local machine to make sure you are not paying for two hostings.

You can do this process in a number of ways but using XAMPP or software like Flywheel can also be helpful in doing so. This also depicts that you are using it locally for developing your website. Whichever the case may be the version control system will be involved to upload the files. The headless WordPress will generate static pages in the form of HTML file or flat files for the static site generators to get uploaded on the desired theme.

Step 3 – Auto Deployment of Static Pages.

Since the static site generator like Gatsby must have headless plugin and graphQL as connector it will automatically identify the changes in the content and a new version will be available for updating the static pages on Gatsby. This approach of using Gatsby WordPress themes is a successful technology of using the Jamstack architecture for fast pace websites and development.

  Benefits of Using Headless WordPress

  • Better security
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Easy API Integration

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