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How a Healthy Diet can Transform your Body

Whenever we hear the word transformation, we think about exercise. Most people think they can only transform their body or reduce their weight by doing intense workouts or spending hours in gym and aerobics classes. But here, I would like to draw your attention to the main reason behind the transformation of the body, which is your diet! Yes, you heard me right; you can get your dream body by adding and subtracting some of your diet components. In body transformation, there is 30% role of workout and 70% diet. There is one terminology in molecular biology named “epigenetics,” which means our outer environment can bring change in our DNA and thus change our inner environment also. 

In this way I would like to tell you about the benefits of food we can change our body, we can also reduce our weight by just changing the ratio and portions of the nutrients we take. There is a saying that” we become what we eat,” so if we want to be healthy and fit, we should change our eating habits, which will eventually transform our body. 

I would suggest the following measures to transform your body and get your dream body within a few weeks. 

• Replace your fried and roasted snacks with fruits and salads. 

• Change your grocery habits. 

• Bring a variation on your day to day life. 

• Your friend circle 

• Try to eat in small portions rather than eating in bulk. 

• Portion size: 

You don’t need to reduce the intake of food. You just need to change the time and amount. When you don’t eat for a longer time, you start eating bigger portions, not the right solution. All you need to do is divide the food into small portion and have it after some small time intervals. This will keep you healthy and full. 

• Cellular composition: 

Our body is made up of 1 trillion cells. They are constantly working on running our body, and thus they need nutrients at different intervals to maintain the body’s pace. So for that, we need a balance in the intake of nutrients. 

• Controlling the intake of carbohydrates: 

Simple carbohydrates are the main reason behind the increase in body weight. They are rich in calories and palatable means they are really good in taste that someone can’t ever resist. So by reducing carbohydrates intake, we can improve our body. Because leaner the body, that will improve the insulin sensitivity Thus, more glucose from the blood is bypassed to muscles, thus building muscles. Then glucose will not move to the adipose tissue(fat accumulating cells) we can shift to healthy carbohydrates options like green veggies, broccoli, bok, Choi kale, spinach, sweet potato, oats.

• Adapting convenient methods: 

Whenever we get stuck in our jobs or adopt a sedentary lifestyle, we go for the easier option like packed food and processed food. Which is not good for our body, so we can replace this habit with a healthier one and thus we can transform our body. 

• Blood sugar level: 

Blood sugar is the main thing we need to control if we want a healthy body. By stabilizing blood low sugar chewing gum level, we can shift to a Real energy state of the body. 

Food like bread, pasta, pastries lead to blood sugar fluctuations, and when the sugar spikes, it lowers the glucose level in the blood, and thus, we feel low and lethargic. And this leads to more hunger. 

I would not suggest you shift to less eating because that will not help you lose fat rather, it can lead to break muscles, and thus your body will degrade in quality, but the amount of fat will remain the same. 

Thus above were the methods with which we can transform our body by just changing our diet. A mild exercise with this would be the icing on the cake, and that will fasten your metabolism, and thus you will feel a change in your body within a few weeks. 

Role of the subway in adopting a healthy lifestyle:

I won’t say outside food is bad; if you are eating at the right place, outside, food can also change your body. Subway is the leading restaurant chain that is bringing a quality product for its customers, and they can adapt a healthy lifestyle with subway also. The bread of the subway is the main attraction, and they bake their bread. For gluten allergic patients, these burgers and Sandwiches are a good option. 

So people who want to go for a transformation with diet should try this. And they can go for a healthy option with a variety of products available on the subway’s menu.

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