Here’s What No One Tells You About HDB Registered Contractors

Home renovations help to give the desired look and feel to a flat. However, remodeling is a complex and time-consuming process that cannot be managed without a contractor. Therefore, one should invest proper time in research to find out the best renovation contractor.

Moreover, always select one from HDB Registered Contractors to ensure satisfactory results. Because they have skilled and experienced workers that carry out the renovations as per the government guidelines.

Before handing over the renovation project to one of the HDB contractors, it is important to know about the benefits of working with them. So, below are the top facts about the HDB registered contractors that make them an obvious choice for home renovations.

Top Facts About HDB Registered Contractors

HDB Contractors Are Regulated

All the licensed contractors work in compliance with the HDB. Previously, they had to register under the “Registered Renovation Contractors’ Scheme” (RRCS). Later on, the name of the authority was changed to “Directory of Renovation Contractors” (DRC).

None of the contractors can work on the HDB property without getting registered and listed in the DRC. For this reason, you must head over to the HDB’s website and check if a contractor is listed under DRC or not.

Moreover, they are responsible to complete the remodelling work while following the HDB’s safety guidelines. Also, if any contractors infringe the rules, there is a Demerit Points System (DPS) to deal with non-compliance. According to the level of infringement, fines and demerit points are imposed on them. The ones having 24 demerit points in the last 2 years are removed from the list of licensed contractors.

Eligibility Criteria To Get Accreditation From HDB

HDB has strict criteria for the contractors to get a license. Let’s have a look at the set of rules and regulations below.

  • The firm needs to be registered with The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).
  • Private-limited firms must have a paid-up capital of at least $30,000.
  • The contractor must have completed the training provided by the HDB on “Renovation for Public Housing”
  • The renovation contractor must have ownership of the firm for one year at least.
  • The contractor must have a minimum of three years of experience in renovation work.
  • The firm must have a clean record.

HDB Contractors Are Best For “First-Time” Renovations

For new homeowners who don’t have any idea about renovations, HDB contractors are a go-to choice. They are familiar with the do’s and dont’s of the remodeling process and can provide the best advice.

Firstly, they will make a detailed discussion to understand the project requirements. Afterward, they offer different budgets and the respective project outcomes. By analysing the expected project outcomes, one gets a better idea about how different portions of the house are going to look after renovation.

Moreover, they make the client versed with the material and equipment they are going to use throughout the process. It provides surety about the quality of the supplies. Lastly, they briefly explain various processes that will be carried out throughout the renovations. Thus, HDB registered contractors provide basic knowledge and advice to the homeowners renovating for the first time.

HDB Licensed Contractors Manage All The Paperwork

A renovation permit is needed before starting the remodeling process. To get the permit, the floor plan is to be submitted with the details of the renovation work, to the respective branch that manages the flat. This process can be completed online or offline. In addition, there is no processing charge from HDB. Besides, you need to paste photocopies of the permit at various places like outside the flat, the lift under the block, and on the same floor of your unit.

An HDB registered contractor manages all the paperwork regarding the permit. However, you can also complete this process on your own. But, there are a lot of legal formalities that take a long time to complete, for individuals not familiar with this process. In such a scenario, an experienced HDB contractor makes things hassle-free by handling all the documentation and legal formalities.

HDB Contractors Offer Budget-Friendly Renovations

Reputable HDB contractors have a good knowledge of the renovation industry. Therefore, they can help to complete the renovation process within budget. For example, they advise the client about budget-friendly flooring and carpentry options. Moreover, they have their contacts to get all the materials for remodeling at an affordable price.

Furthermore, HDB registered contractors offer various renovation packages at reasonable rates. A  package is a good alternative that covers multiple services at lower prices. Besides, reputable contractors provide the option to customise the package by adding or removing the services you desire.

HDB Renovation Contractors Are Reliable

The incidents of renovation projects going wrong generally involve the contractors not registered with the HDB. They offer the services at cheaper rates to attract the customer. But, the quality of their services is poor.

On the contrary, HDB contractors are reliable alternatives for remodeling. As they incorporate the best practices and skilled workers in the process; the chances of any irregularities in the project are very less.

Moreover, they are monitored by the Housing and Development Board. Therefore, they deliver quality work to avoid having penalties and demerit points from the government body. In conclusion, HDB licensed contractors are a genuine option for various types of remodeling projects.

HDB Contractors Are Versed With Modern Renovation Practises

HDB contractors can help to incorporate newer and trendy elements in renovation and revamp the look and feel of the space. They are familiar with the latest trends in the remodeling industry. Besides, they have a team of skilled professionals that can properly implement the modern elements in the remodeling project.

On the other hand, if you refer to non HDB registered contractors; they will implement the newer elements, but the finishing will be missing. Therefore, you must select the one licensed from the HDB to ensure quality work and proper finishing.


The above are the main facts about HDB licensed contractors. After going through them, one can conclude that HDB contractors complete the renovation project within the desired time and budget. So, if you are thinking about renovating a space, reputable HDB contractors can be found with a simple online search. Because finding a suitable one is essential to make sure that one gets the desired outcomes from the remodeling project.