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Hip replacement surgery cost in India

All about hip replacement 

Hip replacement, also termed as total hip arthroplasty is a surgical replace a worn-out hip joint. In this procedure, the surgeon will perform a surgery to replace the old worn-out hip joint with an artificial joint known as prosthesis. The doctor recommends it if a person experiences a hip fracture, or else severe pain owing to arthritis. There are several types of arthritis that affect the hip joint and after which there is a need for hip replacement. Below are listed some:

Rheumatoid arthritis 

It a kind of arthritis which causes inflammation of the synovial lining and causes extra fluid that leads to pain and stiffness. 


It is a joint disease that affects the middle-aged along with older adults. It is a condition when the patient experiences the breakdown of joint cartilage along with an adjacent bone in the hips.

Traumatic arthritis

It is a kind of arthritis that is caused by any kind of injury and which damages the hip cartilage.  

The main objective of hip replacement surgery is to replace the parts of the hip joint, which are damaged due to above listed causes. It helps a person to get rid of severe hip pain that cannot be controlled by other conservative treatments. And it considered as the treatment of pain in the hip, and the most common cause of hip replacement is osteoarthritis. It causes loss of joint cartilage in the hip and damage the bones and also limits its movement. people with this kind of joint problem cannot do normal day to day activities which involve walking, sitting, the hip also treats some hip fractures which is due to fall. 

Cost of hip replacement surgery in India 

Hip replacement surgery cost in India varies as per the procedure. Unilateral Hip Replacement Surgery in India costs from USD 5500 to USD 8000. On the other hand, Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgeries cost from  USD 7500 to USD 12500. the success rate for Hip Replacement Surgery is high, as over 95 percent of patients that undergone hip replacement surgery experience relief from hip pain. During hip replacement patient requires to stay in hospital and procedures entirely depends upon the patient’s condition as well as your surgeon. 

After hip replacement surgery 

After the surgery patient is taken to the recovery room and the time patient’s BP, breathing and pulse are stable, he/she will move to the hospital room. Generally, hip replacement surgery requires a stay of five to seven days. It is essential to move the joint post-surgery, and your physical therapist will help you with this soon after the surgery. There are many best hospitals in India  for hip replacement 

Surgery provides rehabilitation programs to the patients. Medications, along with exercises, control the pain after surgery. 

Confusion between hip resurfacing and hip replacement. Are both different?

Hip replacement and hip resurfacing both are similarly as both replace all arthritic surface in the hip joint. Both the surgeries involve the entailing removing a layer of arthritic bone as well as cartilage from the pelvis and replacing it with the metal cup. Many people get confused regarding both . the only difference between two is the that what is done to the femoral bone i.e., the thigh bone. In the hip resurfacing procedure the arthritic bone is prepared in such a way that a metal cap is glued onto the patient’s bone and the diameter of that metal cap matches of that artificial socket. On the other hand in hip replacement procedure the arthritic ball is cut and replaced with all new ball . also hip resurfacing is more expensive in comparison to hip replacement as the surgical time if longer and implants are too costly. It is about twice as much as hip replacement parts. 

The main benefit of hip replacement is its track record and longevity as the modern technique to replace hip is safe and well-proven also. A correctly performed hip replacement by best surgeons in India should outlast the patient, and no one needs repeat surgery. 

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