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What are the benefits of hiring concrete pump?

Concrete pump hire- where truck is not accessible

You want a concrete supply to a location where there is no easy access to a concrete truck? Well… there is a highly effective solution for you. Hire a concrete pump! You can find a good range of modern concrete pump hire available across London. When is it more feasible to hire a concrete pump? For getting a batch to a rear garden, indoors or different floor of a building. It is designed for quick, easy and tidier, delivery of concrete.  Without the pumps, labor has to make multiple trips with concrete filled wheel barrows which would consume more time, physical effort and risk of spillage and wastage. How far it can cover? Generally trucks are equipped with pipes reaching up to 45 meters. Good attention is paid to ensure that pipes don’t make mess and concrete goes only where it is needed. You can also get free consultancy from the technical team before hiring the concrete pumping.

benefits of hiring concrete pump

Undoubtedly the concrete pumping is an easy and efficient way of delivering concrete to exact location which is not accessible through different means of transportation and wheelbarrows or the order you have placed is quite large to transfer through wheel barrows.

  • It is an efficient method of delivery which saves time and labor
  • It doesn’t make mess or spills
  • Has an easy access to location which are hard to reach
  • The pipes have long reach to go through almost any obstacle
  • Accurate delivery of concrete requirement for cost efficiency

Types of concrete pumps

There are two sorts of concrete pump hire that are generally used in construction projects, ground line pumps and boom pumps. Each has different benefit that suits different sites and situations.

Ground line pump

Using different steel pipes and hoses, the hydraulic pumps that are loaded on a truck are pumped at a speed to the concerned location. These pumps can cover approximately 150m which is quite sufficient to reach areas which are inaccessible.

  • Ground pumps has the capacity to transport concrete at 1m3 per minute
  • It has standard pipe of 50 meters but is capable of pumping over 150 meters long ground
  • Provides easy access to areas that are difficult to reach
  • Comes with steel and flexi pipes, latter helps to pour round corners with ease
  • Driver sets up line and packs it up once the job is done

Boom pump

They are designed to reach sites which are not even accessible by ground pumps. It has the ability to reach up over the houses and pump concrete through hydraulic arm. They can reach up to 72m or more.

  • Transports concrete at 1m3 per minute
  • Hydraulic arm helps to lift and place concrete line in hardly accessible areas
  • Pumps can be taken up to stairs, over walls, fences and buildings
  • Used for both domestic and commercial customers
  • Pump sizes vary from 20m to 72m
  • Efficiency saves time, money and labor

Why should you hire a specialist?

  • Experienced and qualified concrete pump hire makes Less mess
  • Have pipes with length up to 150 meters horizontally and 50 meters vertically
  • Less labor required as it eliminates the step of carrying concrete in buckets, barrows, cranes, dumpers
  • Accessible to areas like rear gardens, indoors or upstairs
  • Caters both commercial and domestic customers
  • Excellent service with years of experience having trained engineers

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