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Refrigerator Breakdowns

How to Avoid Commercial Refrigerator Breakdowns

Having a refrigerator working in optimal conditions is vital for the day to day operation. Improper care can cause havoc and panic, leaving customers with spoilt product whether it is food supplies or healthcare products. No matter how diligent owners are in taking care of their appliances, damages or breakdowns are prevalent. Due to seasonal changes, consistent usage, wearing out parts that either requires to be replaced or the possibility for further repairs.

However, following are some tips and guidelines that could help take care of commercial equipment in optimal condition.

The Right Placement 

The placement of a commercial refrigerator matters a lot even though it may seem like a rudimentary thing. The refrigerator’s fans or drainage lines could get blocked if it is placed directly into the wall, causing compressor heat and the fridge breaking down drastically. It’s important to place a commercial refrigerator 2 to 3 inches away from the wall to avoid overheating and providing cross ventilation accordingly. Sometimes, due to the refrigerator not getting enough ventilation could cause faults in electrical components, also with a risk of electrical hazards that can be quite dangerous to human health and the surroundings too.

Overloaded Stock Supplies

A commercial refrigerator is meant to pack a good amount of inventory but doesn’t mean to tumble upon supplies to the full extent, not allowing the fridge to breathe. An overloaded fridge would lead to restricted airflow within the unit, further causing the fridge to overwork to provide sufficient cooling. By overworking they with the overstocked unit could increase the risk of food getting spoilt, with fluctuations in thermostat not being able to maintain temperature, allowing calling commercial refrigeration service Sydney, to fix damaged sensitive electrical components to increase the lifespan of the fridge.


Maintaining cleanliness of a commercial refrigerator is essential to keep food supplies fresh and to reduce the risk of wear and tear to help the fridge functioning properly. Adopting measures such as the use of mild soap and warm water to clean the interior and the external layout of the fridge, applying caution to not getting liquids near electrical components that could cause shock, ensuring longevity. Professional commercial technicians offer commercial refrigeration service Sydney, deep cleaning refrigerator components such as coils, condenser fans to ensure prolonged usage in parallel with maintaining the condition of the fridge as well.

Breakdown Indicators

Commercial units having the latest technology integrated to give off efficient cooling with green methods to maintain food quality and save power have made components sensitive to breakdowns. Compared to fridges dated back decades ago, where the risk of an electrical appliance breaking down had little to no chance due to concrete quality parts. In today’s time frame commercial refrigerators are susceptible to damages that could be costly for businesses. It’s essential for business owners to be aware of early signs of problems occurring, for example, ice melting from the fridge could mean refrigerant gas pressure is low or compressor worn out are just some of the factors that require immediate assistance from commercial refrigeration service Sydney.

Consulting an Expert Technician

Sometimes wreckages can occur in commercial refrigerators without the user being aware of until he notices puddles outside or inside the fridge, being it an alarming situation for business owners who are completely dependent on a fridge’s health, to serve customers with high-grade quality products. Owners need to consider hiring professional commercial refrigeration technicians who are skilled and have the proper certifications and licenses to perform operations on the fridge. An expert technician is who analyzes and assesses the situation before indulging directly into repairs; this ensures that every step is double-checked before proceeding with servicing.

Concluding, an entrepreneur investing a great deal of money in buying commercial refrigerators expects a great ROI in return, which makes it imperative to adopt preventive maintenance measures by hiring a reliable technician. Professional technicians are known for servicing any type of fridge model and can counter any problems ranging from fixing a basic light bulb to complex electrical procedures with the frame of mind to satisfy customers respectively. Additional problems might occur in fridges that require replacing the entire unit completely but even if there is a fair chance to get it serviced proves to be cost-effective for owners in the long run.

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