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How Technology Boosted the Travel Industry

Traveling from a place or a city helps you get refreshed as well as rejuvenated.

Along with helping the consumers on a whole, it contributes greatly towards the overall development of a nation. 

Below mentioned are the ways tourism and travel industry contribute towards development and growth.

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Contribution of the Global Tourism and Travel Industry

  1. The global tourism and travel industry contributes around 7.6 trillion dollars towards the world’s gross domestic production or GDP.
  2. The global tourism and travel industry provides over 292 million jobs worldwide
  3. Supports in providing an export of over 30% services.

Through these points we can say global tourism and travel industry contributes to overall development and prosperity of nations. 

Along with the contributions it makes to nation and benefits it has for users, industry is also experiencing a dramatic change greatly.

Why Tourism Industry Is Experiencing Dramatic Transformation

This is majorly due to the digitization of its services. This is because of the incorporation of technology in the daily life of human beings. 

How Technology Impacts Life of Humans

Technology helps humans especially those traveling in an even more convenient manner. Also it helps in receiving knowledge about places visited by them.

According to Google Travel over 74% travelers plan travels through the internet. 

Impact of Internet And Mobile Services On People Planning Trips

The internet and mobile services, have drastically and dramatically changed the way people plan as well as experience trips.

Also, it has helped tourism industry perform all tasks related to travel in an easy, quick and efficient manner. 

Below mentioned are factors to explain how technology and technological innovations have helped as well as boosted the travel industry and assisted it in its daily job and made it profitable at the same time for the entrepreneur. 

Factors How Technology Has Assisted and Boosted the Travel Industry

  1. Ensures remote check-in where users can directly check-in and check out. This is done using internet or mobile devices
  2. Provides paperless boarding passes so that users can smoothly travel to their desired destination
  3. Technological innovations like GPS helps users navigate smoothly through especially when they are visiting a new city
  4. Encourages sharing economies where a house owner can rent an unused part of their house for users to live in 
  5. Encourages customer power. This is by allowing users to provide feedback and reviews. This is mostly for improving as well as updating its services
  6. Provides more affordable booking flexibility feature to the user
  7. Technology has changed the way tour operators sell their tours as they can do so online
  8. Helps users get an interactive learning experience about the places being traveled by them 

Thus, we can say, technology and technological innovations have helped boost the tourism and travel industry on a whole thereby making it an overall flourishing and profitable industry. 

So, if you are building your tourism industry, make sure you incorporate an app. This will support you greatly in capturing the attention of your users in a reasonably faster manner.

With user number increasing, your industry shall make enormous profits and revenues. Also you shall be able to serve your customers in a reasonably smooth and unique manner.

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