What Are the Different Total Gym Models and How Do They Compare?

Total Gym is one of the most popular companies when it comes to workout equipment to use at home. New Year’s resolutions are being made right now, and exercise is on your mind. When it comes to buying a total gym, there are four different models available. It’s important to make comparisons between the four models so that you can decide which equipment is best going to fit your needs.

The four models are: Total Gym XLS, Total Gym FIT, Total Gym GTS, and Total Gym Supreme. Let’s start by comparing the XLS and FIT models. Total Gym XLS provides you with the ability to do 80 different exercises, and it features 6 levels of resistance. That sounds amazing already because the compact Total Gym is known for its versatility all the way around.

Yet with the FIT model, there are 85 possible exercises and 12 levels of resistance. That means the FIT model is a step up. The maximum user weight for the FIT model is also 450 pounds vs the 400 pounds for the XLS model. Both do not require assembly, and both fold for storage.

The Total Gym GTS is one of the more elite models. Then there is the Total Gym Supreme. Are you also familiar with the older models? The company has been around for quite a while. Older models include the Total Gym 2000, 2500 and 3000.

There are 60+ possible exercises when using the Supreme model. With the elite GTS model, there are 200+ possible exercises. You can tell that the GTS is by far the best model out there, but is it the equipment you need? Which Total Gym you buy certainly depends on your needs and how much you want to spend.

The Supreme model features 12 levels of resistance, and the GTS model features 22 levels of resistance. The maximum user weight for each is 275 pounds and 650 pounds respectively. Even the elite GTS model still folds for storage, and of course, neither model requires assembly, just like with the other two models mentioned earlier.

There is a considerable price difference between the Supreme model at the basic level and the GTS model at the elite level. The prices for the other two Total Gym models fall in between. On the low end, you pay a little over $500 for the Supreme model, and on the high end with the GTS model, you can expect to pay nearly $4k.

Of course, Total Gym provides consumers with a 30 day trial period for $1, and the company also makes purchases easier with installment agreements. If you don’t want to pay the entire price of your new Total Gym all at once, you can make monthly payments over time.

Which of the four available models seems like the best fit to help you with your New Year’s resolution and fitness goals? According to the features and specs, they rank in the following order: Total Gym Supreme, Total Gym XLS, Total Gym FIT and Total Gym GTS.

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