How does the Packaging Company Work

Packaging is the process of enclosing commodities for storage, distribution, sale and use. It stores, protects, preserves, transports, informs and sells. It can be explained as a coordinated system of preparing the products for transportation, warehousing, logistics, sale and the final use. There are broadly three types or levels of packaging

-Primary packaging or retail packaging; it touches the goods most closely and its purpose is to protect the products and attract and inform a consumer. Examples could be a soda can or a corrugated box containing a cell phone and its accessories.

-Secondary packaging; it is used to ship the goods that are already in the primary packaging and its purpose is to protect the goods and provide branding during the shipping. It also displays the packaging in retail locations. Examples include 12 packs of soda cans or the corrugated box that a half dozen cell phones ship in.

-Tertiary packaging; it is most often used by warehouses to ship secondary packaging and its main purpose is to protect shipments while they are in transit. It is not seen by the customers. Examples include the palletized unit load that packs tightly into containers or corrugated pads used to separate layers of boxes.

 Almost every product available in the market needs to be packaged. This is the reason why the packaging industry is so competitive. If you have entered this business, it is necessary to carry its processes effectively to ensure success. The custom boxes are essential whether you want to pack a product, send a subscription or a shipment. They not only protect the goods, but by attractively enclosing them they make them appealing for a large audience. The manufactures work hard on every little detail to come up with a perfect packaging for the consumers. If you are in the packaging business, whether new or for years, it is mandatory to know how it functions.

Custom Coffee Boxes

The making of custom coffee boxes comes in the category of food packaging. Food packaging is the largest section in the packaging industry, covering more than one third of the global packaging market. The purpose of food packaging is to protect it from getting spoiled by the bacteria and the environment. It is a reliable way to prevent food from the biological, chemical and environmental factors. The capability to deliver the food items without being spoiled or infused by the bacteria or harmed by sunlight or dust is important and food packaging is a way to protect food from such factors. When it comes to custom coffee boxes, they need to have certain additional properties. Firstly , that they should not let the Oxygen in to keep the freshness of the contents. Secondly, custom coffee boxes should have a one way outlet for Carbon Dioxide so that it can leave from the roasted coffee beans.

Now we will see how a packaging company works.

The Raw Materials

Like any manufacturing industry, the packaging companies need raw materials which are purchased in bulk. They usually make contracts with top suppliers to supply them with the raw material. Cardboard is the most common choice because it offers many packaging solutions like custom size shipping boxes or custom display boxes. It exists in various forms such as Kraft, corrugated and paperboard. Other raw materials which are used include adhesives, staples, custom tape, printing inks, filler packaging and stitching wire.

Machinery and Equipment

A packaging company needs different types of machinery and equipment to run its operations. These may include office supplies, furniture, computers, corrugators, slitting machine, gluing machine, cutting machine and custom box making machine etc. Some packaging companies provide printing services as well. For this they have to purchase high tech printers which can effectively print the custom boxes such as custom coffee boxes. Because these are expensive machines, you should purchase them from the best suppliers in the market.


A packaging company must then provide custom services to its clients. It may consider several customization options in this regard. It can work on the shape, size and the design of the boxes according to the demands of the customers. It proves beneficial for your business to design perfect sized custom coffee boxes. Other customization opens such as stylizing the boxes with windows, inserts, die-cuts and handles. In making custom coffee boxes, several options can be considered, for example making small boxes for a single person, or relatively large family packs.


Whatever company you run, without promotion and active marketing, you are nowhere. The packaging business is no exception.  You have to remain in the public eye and make a strong presence out there. You have to work out your potential buyers and target them to enhance the reach of your packaging services. For instance, if some coffee making company is your client, send them personalized emails to update them about your custom coffee boxes. This strategy is helpful in attracting potential customers. In this digital world, having an active online presence has become necessary. Make a website for your company and start selling custom boxes online. Moreover, you can showcase your packages in community events and tradeshows to attract more audience.

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