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How do you get rid of upper arm fat?

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upper arm fat

Upper arm fat is one of the worst places for your body to store fat and can be difficult to get rid of. Though you are not walking around with sore, saggy arms right now, that does not mean you cannot get there. Whether you are looking for ways to get rid of arm fat after weight loss, trim your arm flab after weight gain, or just tone down excess arm fat that has been a no-brainer in your life for years, these tips can all aid you in learning how to get rid of upper arm fat.

First of all, understand this: no matter what your body type, there are three primary causes for fat buildup in the middle of your body: fat stores inside your muscles, fat stored right underneath your skin (also known as subcutaneous fat), and fat stored on your bones. If you want to get rid of those nasty, unsightly, cellulite-ridden arms, one of the best ways is by toning your muscles. Muscles burn fat in your body just like the rest of your body. So by strengthening your muscles, you can store fat away where it belongs. And the best way to strengthen your muscles is with strength training.

To lose arm fat, a good approach is to eat a healthy, low-calorie, high-protein diet while increasing your activity level. This approach will get you burning off calories consistently, day after day, until you begin to notice some results. This is a proven method that works, and if you stick with it you will lose arm fat and have a body that is not caving in around your middle.

The next thing you need to do is focus on working your upper body. The most direct way to do this is through resistance training, especially with free weights like dumbbells. The dumbbells allow you to perform multiple exercises at once, targeting multiple muscle groups. For example, doing bicep curls with dumbbells can target your triceps, chest, shoulders, forearms, and biceps, all at the same time. Or you could do a wide-spread bench press and wide-spread dumbbell flyes to target your shoulders, arms, forearms, chest, and traps (center back).

Another great way to get a washboard stomach and six pack abs is to do leg presses with a wide-spread bench and a barbell. You’ll be using free weights, so make sure you do them right! Or get a cable pulley attachment for your dumbbells so that they’re even more inclined to target each group of muscles. This exercise will also give you a great side plank, which is another great upper body exercise that targets the sides, hips, and buttocks.

Now, for the lower body, there’s one exercise that targets the thighs and hips much more than any other exercise. If you haven’t tried a squat yet, it’s time to do one. While standing, simply squat down until your butt is about two feet out from the floor. Keep your legs straight and don’t bend your knees. Make sure to keep your back straight and have your shoulders squared with the floor.

Finally, how do you get rid of upper arm fat? The last exercise I’ll mention for your workouts is a close grip push-up. This exercise is easier to learn than your standard barbell exercises, which makes it a better choice for beginners. I like this exercise so much because it allows you to focus on using your triceps, shoulders, forearms, elbows, and even your wrists. It doesn’t get much easier than this for upper arm development!

The entire routine looks something like this: Grab Two Dumbbells – palms facing each other, slowly (but quickly) lean to one side, and hold for two seconds. Grab Another Dumbbell – palms facing you, slowly (but quickly) lean to the other side, and hold for two seconds. Then grab the first set of dumbbells again. Continue doing this until you reach a point where you have very few if any reps left. As you gain more experience, these exercises will become easier and faster.

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