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How Ghost Writers LLC helped me in publishing my first ever book

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Hello internet people, this is Laura Schiller. I would like to share my story with you guys. I am a business consultant by profession and have been working in this profession for more than 20 years now. Over the years, I have interacted with multiple businesses all across the world and helped them with different things by offering my consultation. 

As you might have guessed, I am a very busy woman and I work almost all the time. I can say I work every minute of when I am awake. I have witnessed that many businesses have different problems that they are unable to solve, especially businesses that are small and medium-sized. 

My prices are highly affordable so I am able to serve these small and medium businesses as well. But the problem was I was fully occupied and despite trying too much I wasn’t able to help most of the businesses due to time constraints. I really wanted to do something for the struggling small businesses but wasn’t sure of how I would be able to do so. 

After thinking for a long time, I decided to use all the knowledge that I have gained through the years to write a book so that more people could be helped. So, I started working on it alongside my team. 

After a span of two years, I was able to write it but the problem was that I wasn’t sure about the publication process of my book. I found it quite challenging because of the lack of understanding of the publishing industry’s nuances. I was very worried if I would be able to get the book published or not due to my lack of understanding about everything.

Moreover, I wasn’t getting any detailed guidance and comprehensive help from any publisher which made the situation even worse. I tried and tried but wasn’t sure where to go and what to do. 

After some time, I found a company that offered the answers to all of my questions so I placed the order but all of my time and money was wasted when I found out in the end that it was a scam. This left me tarnished and broken. I lost all my hopes and my mind wasn’t accepting what has happened to me. It took me a few months to recover from this incident.

Then when I was having a chat with one of my clients, he told me about The Ghost Writers LLC. It turns out it is not just me that could help my clients but my clients could help me as well. I contacted The Ghost Writers LLC but to be honest, I was very reluctant about moving ahead and spending my money even though, Joe, the guy who chatted with me seemed to be trustworthy from the conversation. In my mind, I was hoping that the same thing would happen with me here as well so I didn’t move ahead with making the expense. 

After some time, I had a chat with Joe again and this time too, he helped me with everything by answering the questions I had. I can say that he’s a very nice guy because of his friendly and helping nature. I was convinced enough with the chat that I placed my order and they started working on it. He was involved with me throughout the whole process and made sure that everything was done as per the requirements I had. He took my constant feedback to work on my book and ensured the changes were being implemented. 

Their team made it pretty clear for me the whole process of publishing and how easily they process it. I also didn’t like the cover of my book and asked them if they could help me with that. That was the time when I discovered their amazing design team that helped me create an amazing cover for my book. 

I sent them a brief about my expectations and how I want my cover to look. I must say the final result was beyond my imagination. Immaculate cover design with relevant details and amazing visual appeal made me very happy and satisfied that I worked with these people.

Before my book was sent for publication, their editing team quickly proofread the whole document and made sure that the flawless final draft is moved forward for publishing. They delivered exactly what they promised, trouble-free and smooth book publishing. 

I can’t describe those feelings when my book was published and distributed on a wide range of platforms for an extended global outreach. All the credit goes to one and only, The Ghost Writers LLC. Without their help, I don’t think my dreams would have been fulfilled.

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