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How do On-Demand Apps Work and turn out to be Beneficial for All Entrepreneurs in Vietnam?

Anyone can book a service from On-Demand Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022 in Vietnam. From students who may want to book Online Video Consultation with Academic Tutors to 60 year olds who may want to order their Medicines, can use the App. Is it really that easy? Well, try out for yourself. Install the App on your smartphone, and get started.


The workflow of the app is briefly explained here.

Look for the Service you want

From the array of 70+ On-Demand Services of the App, click on the category from which you want to book the service. Let’s say, you want to order food. So, you go to the Food Delivery Section and click on Pizza from the different Food Categories on the screen.

Select the Professional of your choice

The Users have to pick one of the many professionals that appear on the Gojek Clone App Screen. App users can base their choice after looking thoroughly at all the profiles. Check the name, background, experience, ratings, photo galleries, and review of the Professionals.

Book Now or Later

Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022 has an option to book instant services too. Users can also schedule the Service at a later date and time. Once the user selects the Provider of their choice, they can hit ‘BOOK NOW’ for instant service and ‘BOOK LATER’ to schedule it from the provider’s profile itself.

Review the booking at Checkout Page

Before moving onto the Payment Option, the User can review the booking on the Checkout Page and make edits if needed. Now, they need to provide the Location where the Provider will come to deliver the Services in Vietnam.

Make Payment

After checking and editing the Services on the Checkout Page, the user can go ahead and confirm the booking by making the payment. Users can choose to either pay in cash or use their Debit Card, Credit Card, or In-App Wallet for convenience.

Provider receives the Service Request

Once the User books a suitable provider, a Service Request is sent to them. The Provider can choose to Accept or Decline the request. On the same screen where the Request appears, the Address and Location of the User are displayed. Gojek Clone App Service Providers first need to get ONLINE to start receiving the requests!


The Entrepreneurs get to earn a fortune from these service bookings! How? Take a look at these Business Models to find out:


If your Gojek Clone App follows a Commission-Based Business Model, then as the name suggests, you’ll earn commissions. The Service Providers will pay a certain amount of the income from every service they complete on the App as ‘Commission’ to the App Owner.

In short, you’ll earn this amount from every service booked and completed from 70+ niche sites on the platform.

Subscription-Based Model

In this model, the Service Provider has to first make a One-Time Payment to purchase one of the many Subscription Plans curated solely by the Entrepreneur. The Entrepreneur can create as many subscription plans they want, set the prices, and the offered features!


Want to book a Service Provider near your location? Try Gojek Clone App! It is the Pre-Built App that offers an exquisite range of features and services on its digital platform in Vietnam.

Smart Entrepreneurs, what do you think about this Ready-to-Launch Mobile App Development? Well, let me tell you that you’re about to become a Millionaire by launching this app. So do it at the earliest.