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technology helps business growth

How technology helps business growth

Technology is about innovation and innovation in business is about working differently to provide better products and solutions and to provide a better service to the customers.

Technology is not only essential to day-to-day business processes, but it can also help companies achieve growth and success when used effectively. Successful businesses don’t just look at technology as a way to automate processes but use it to open up new ways of doing business. In this article, we explore some of the ways technology can support business growth.

Use of digital technologies for effective marketing

Businesses are now operating in an era where a strong digital presence is essential not only for success but often just for survival. The lack of a strong digital presence is considered a key factor in the failure of many SMEs, with half of them failing in the first five years of their existence. With limited marketing budgets, SMEs need to be smart about how they use digital technologies for maximum impact.

They mainly aim to develop a clearly defined digital marketing strategy, including your goals, your strategy and how you are going to measure performance. Many companies are active digitally but are not following a defined strategy. This can waste resources and miss opportunities.

Of course, a good website will be essential for most businesses. It doesn’t just mean something that looks beautiful; An effective website should be user-friendly, mobile responsive and optimized for search engines. The latter, in particular, require constant attention.

Also, a good website, channels like social media marketing, email marketing and pay-per-click advertising can be extremely effective. Digital technologies can accelerate business growth because they allow companies to reach wider audiences and build lasting relationships with customers to foster brand loyalty.

Using productivity software to reduce costs and improve customer service

Many different elements contribute to the growth of a business. These include providing a good level of customer service, minimizing operating costs and maximizing revenue.

Technology can help businesses achieve all these objectives. Increasing productivity and efficiency is the key to minimizing costs and maximizing revenue, which can then be invested in growing the business. Pet care adda 

Productivity software is designed to help businesses improve operational efficiency, replace laborious paper-based processes, and reduce costs. The most commonly used productivity software packages include Office Productivity, Accounts, Communications, and Email.

With the development of cloud and mobile technologies, the scope of business productivity software has expanded significantly in recent years. Credit card processing 

Cloud-based applications are often ideal for SMEs as they incur low up-front costs and limit the burden of in-house management. They can also be used on different devices and in all places where an internet connection is available, which helps in increasing the productivity and efficiency of the employees.

Being a business owner or leader means that you are constantly learning. Researching new marketing strategies, emerging trends in your industry, and exciting new products is sure to be a constant part of your weekly grind.

But are you also following a similar change in technology? If not, you may be missing out on tools that can make your life easier and make your business stronger. Here are six ways new technology can help your business grow.

Here are six ways new technology can help your business grow

Increase your visibility and build your customer base

Changing technologies help you reach more potential customers than ever before, round the clock. Social media platforms, mobile marketing, different types of content marketing, and more can increase the visibility of your business far beyond your local community—often on a reasonable budget.

Improve your understanding of—and with—your customers

According to Cliff Condon of Forrester “2016: CIOs and CMOs must rally now to lead customer-obsessed change,” “The Age of the Customer” is here. Customers are more knowledgeable, knowledgeable, demanding and powerful than ever. Businesses need to adopt a customer-centric, even customer-obsessed, model to win over and retain the new “power” customer.

Happily, technology provides a plethora of solutions to put customers at the centre of everything you do. Sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) tools mean your business can track customer data to better understand their behaviour and needs.

With this knowledge, you can tailor your communication to the actual buying behaviour of the individual customer, or make more comprehensive changes to accommodate emerging patterns in your customer base. 

Being more informed and proactive about customer needs equals more satisfied customers, which in turn equates to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Social media lets you connect with customers instantly across endless channels. Similarly, with mobile loyalty programs and related apps, you can provide personalized, curated product recommendations and discounts. The location-based services in these apps also allow you to send a relevant coupon when a customer enters your store.

Offer new ways to sell

Relative to the age of the customer, Accenture’s 2015 “Business Technology Trends Report” identifies “The Internet of Me” as a game-changer for savvy businesses. Today’s customers are extremely connected and expect the companies they patronize to stay connected as well. 

More and more, customers expect highly personalized experiences with businesses and brands. “As everyday things go online, so are experiences – creating an abundance of digital channels that reach deep into every aspect of individuals’ lives. 

Forward-thinking businesses are building new applications, products and services. changing methods,” the report states.

New, more personal ways of reaching customers, in turn, provide them with new ways to sell. Mobile ordering, contactless payment options and loyalty programs, all kinds of “smart” goods, and social selling are just some of the new ways to connect with and sell customers. 

With these tools, you can create an all-channel shopping experience for your customers. Many of these technologies — such as social selling and contactless payments — are already accessible to small businesses.

Increases Productivity

Increasing your business productivity should be a priority in your growth strategy. And IT can be a valuable tool for increasing workplace productivity, without increasing the costs associated with hiring additional employees to do the work.

The right IT partner will recommend and provide the best resources and tools to maximize your business potential.

For example, cloud computing makes it easy to create and store files, access and distribute them from any location. It enables your employees with increased productivity while giving them more flexibility in their workday; Which eventually translates into a better work-life balance.

Reduces the stress caused by IT downtime

Every employee is familiar with the stress of IT downtime. In most situations, it can take a long time to find and fix the root of the problem.

But long IT downtime can be avoided. And you should never put up with ongoing IT issues. Your IT support partner needs to take a proactive approach to ensure business productivity and prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

By solving problems before they arise, you will avoid the cost of lost efficiency and stress at your firm. Because ultimately, the cost of IT downtime will have a negative impact on your business.

Recent reports suggest that lost productivity due to IT downtime could cost British businesses an average of over £3.5 million per year. Meaning employee productivity decreased by more than 545 hours annually, during which businesses expect their ability to generate revenue to decrease by 37%.

Therefore, it is important that you have a strong IT strategy in place not only to identify and fix problems but to prevent them before they happen.

You can focus on running your business knowing that your company is safe and secure.

A recent Threat Report showed that there was a 118% increase in ransomware attacks in the first quarter of 2019.

Have you ever worried about the security of your business? Do you know of standard upgrades that must be completed from time to time?

Treating something so important can cause you to lose focus on the core activities of your business.

IT support not only handles malware and software updates but also strengthens the overall security of your business.

A virus can put your business at a standstill for hours. A cyber attack, disguised as one of your company’s emails, can steal your most sensitive data. IT can help keep your business secure by protecting you from the risk of cyberattacks. Your IT support partner can advise on a range of security measures such as email security, data management and two-factor authentication.

What can you do now?

Enables IT firms to operate efficiently and securely. This is a necessity.

When you know what it’s like to track, protect, and back up your data, you’ll wonder how you fared without it. Put IT at the centre of your business and, with the support of the right IT partner, let your company grow by preventing IT downtime, increasing productivity and protecting you from cyber threats.