Choose Floor Marking Tape For Ultimate Safety

Floor marking tape is the kind of tape that is used by industrial units & manufacturing firms for marking their territory from any hazards, dividing spaces & creating an aisle. It is often called a tricky subject by warehouses & factories. These are also available in different shapes, forms & colors. They can even be customized according to the customer’s need. There is also a popular variant of floor marking tape which glows in the dark. Though the simple straight-line ones are mostly used by the companies & industrial units, other variants are also used by the companies for different purposes.

Floor tapes have several benefits. It can also be customized according to the need of the customer. Below we will discuss a few benefits of floor marking tapes-

  • No fumes: In the case of floor painting, it leaves a fume after application. But there is no scope of toxic fumes when you apply floor marking tape.
  • Easy installation: Floor marking tape has the easiest installation process. You just need a roller to press it against the floor for a smooth application.
  • Customizable: Floor tapes can be customized according to your need. It is available in any color, size & shape. Or, you can make one by ordering accordingly.
  • Durable: floor marking tapes are more durable than any other option, i.e., paint. It can last for years if not torn or burnt.
  • Inexpensive: floor marking tapes are cheaper than the other options that serve the same purpose.
  • Indicate hazards: floor marking tapes are excellent options to mark or indicate any hazard. It contributes to the fact that it reduces the number of hazards.
  • Easier accessibility: floor marking tapes are used to mark any area. So, you can use it to mark first aid things or types of equipment and use it in case of any emergency. Also, they can be used in case of an emergency exit.
  • Easy to understand: floor marking warning tapes are easy to understand as it indicates universal language & signs, visual messages which are not affected by the language barrier. Like, zebra floor marking tape.

Below are a few points on how you can use floor marking tapes for ultimate safety.

Manual application

The manual application of floor marking tapes includes applying the tape in a simple straight line to mark the territory where you want to make one. But make sure to put it in a straightway. Manually applicable floor tapes come in a different form. It is usually a large roll so that it becomes easy to spread them over a large area. Also, the backside of the tape has a protective film that prevents the tape from sticking to any unwanted thing or area. Below procedures must be followed for a seamless application.

  • First, you need to draw the guidance line using a laser line or simple chalk so that any imperfect line doesn’t occur.
  • Now, spread the tape & do not stick it to the ground. Follow the guidance line.
  • Once decided, try sticking the tape, spread it out & cut it with a sharp scissor & razor.
  • Now, remove the protective film and stick it to the ground. Carefully stick the tape to the edge and slowly apply that along the line and press it to the ground.
  • Make sure you move down 2-4 feet tape at a time. Do not move out more floor-safe films than you need at a time.
  • Once you apply, make sure you put some pressure to stick the tape. You can even walk around to ensure proper application. Try running over a lightweight electric vehicle over it.
  • Now, wait for 24 hours for the tape to be fully & let it bond with the floor before too many people walk over it.

With Tape Applicator

With the tape applicator, you can easily cover any large area without any hassle. The manual option will not be a very wise move for that.

  • The tape applicator looks like a small steam roller. You just need to put your floor safe roll inside it and roll it over the floor. It will apply itself in a hassle-free way on the area you want it to be covered.
  • The tape applicator has got two wheels to ensure and support that the line goes in a straightway.
  • The device also allows the smoothest application in the shortest possible time.
  • The tool saves from many problems while application. Such as blubbing or any curves made by accident.

There are several utilities of floor marking tape. The floor marking tapes can have many other benefits if applied carefully.

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