How to choose subjects for International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme?

Students who want to pursue the International Baccalaureate diploma programme have to be prepared for a brainstorming session while choosing the subjects. It can make students uneasy as they are expected to choose the right subjects so that they can be on the right track in their career. These subjects may seem easy to some, but they require a great deal of commitment level to score well in each subject.

Here are the basic details of the IB Diploma Program and how to choose subjects that will help you clear the diploma programme. 

What is IBDP?

IBDP is a rigorous 2-year program provided in Tokyo International School for students aged 16 to 19 designed to develop critical thinking skills and it requires students to do a lot of research and oral presentations. 

The IBDP Programme comprises 3 core components:

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is a mandatory subject judged through an oral presentation and a 1,600-word essay to know the knowledge level of the student.

Extended Essay is another mandatory subject where the student has to write an extended essay based on a self-directed research project that interests them from 6 core subjects (given below)in a 4,000-word.

Creativity, Action and Service (CAS); here the student has to document a project where he can showcase the creativity, activity, and service.

Students have to choose subjects from 6 core subjects. They have to select at least 3 but not more than 4 subjects at a higher level, and the remaining at a standard level.

  1. Language and Literature
  • English A: Literature Higher Level
  • English A: Literature Standard Level
  • English A: Language and Literature Standard Level
  • English A: Language and Literature Higher Level
  • Language Acquisition
  • French ab initio Standard Level
  • Spanish ab initio Standard Level
  • French B Standard Level
  • Tamil B Standard Level
  • Hindi B Higher Level
  • Hindi B Standard Level
  • Individuals and Societies
  • Business Management Higher Level
  • Economics Standard Level
  • History Standard Level
  • Business Management Standard Level
  • Environmental Systems and Societies Standard Level
  • Psychology Standard Level
  • Economics Higher Level
  • History Higher Level
  • Psychology Higher Level
  • Sciences
  • Biology Higher Level
  • Biology Standard Level
  • Chemistry Higher Level
  • Chemistry Standard Level
  • Computer Science Higher Level
  • Computer Science Standard Level
  • Design Technology Standard Level
  • Design Technology Higher Level
  • Physics Standard Level
  • Physics Higher Level
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Analysis and Approaches Higher Level
  • Mathematics Analysis and Approaches Standard Level
  • Mathematics Applications and Interpretation Higher Level
  • Mathematics Applications and Interpretation Standard Level
  • Arts
  • Film Standard Level
  • Film Higher Level
  • Visual Arts Standard Level
  • Standard Level
  • Visual Arts Higher Level

Tips to choose the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Subjects

Reach out to the Teachers

In Tokyo International School, the teacher-student ratio is perfect which results in personalised attention to each student, so teachers can be the perfect mentor to guide you in choosing subjects as they already know your strengths and weaknesses. So reach out to your teacher. Also, they are familiar with the IB course so seek their advice if you are confused.

Go with your Interests

Students get confused when it comes to choosing subjects, many students don’t know what their interest lies in but it is the right time to explore. It is always recommended to choose subjects that interest you as that will help you to keep you motivated.

With various subjects to choose from, try the hands-on subject of your interest,  plus a subject beyond your comfort zone in order to learn something new; you never know you might find your new interest.

Choose according to Future University

If you know which university you want to take admission to; you might know their necessary subjects. Do your research with the universities you wanted to apply to, as it might help you in selecting the subjects accordingly and help you in landing up in your dream school.

Listen to yourself

Taking advice is different, that is to help you to clear your confusion, but don’t let others decide for you. Choose what makes you happy and comfortable, listening to others and then finding it difficult or boring will only demotivate you.


Earning IB Diploma Program from Tokyo International School is a lifetime reward in itself with the kind of experience and the learnings you will get along with its benefits in your career prospects so choose subjects wisely.

In case you are confused you can reach to IBDP experts today on  the given number 

Whatsapp no:-80 3609 1648 and they will be able to guide you properly! 

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