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How to create a Facebook business page

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A Facebook business page is just a completely free prospect for companies to maximize brand awareness and generate sales on Facebook. As business people and new supervisors, there is an excellent chance to connect with your target audience through Facebook. To build a Facebook business page, log in to your Facebook accounts, click “Create a Page” in your dropdown menu, then follow the steps to build your business account.

Facebook business pages are a spot where it’s possible to form the relationship between your brand and the entire world.

Facebook Pages let you improve your business on and off Facebook. Pages come including a suite of free business tools that help you achieve your business goals.

And here some steps to How to create a Facebook business page.

Register for a Facebook Business Page

Choose the type of Page you would like to create: business/brand or community/public figure. Now going to assume you are making a full page to get a business or brand.

There will be a field to fill out some will appear only after you have chosen a category:

Page Name




one more thing to remember that you can change the category but not the name next on if needed.

Upload Your Profile Picture & Cover Photo

Now it’s time for you to pick your protected picture, probably the absolute most obvious image on your own Facebook business page. A cover photo is the background of your Facebook Business Page, related to your personal Facebook account. Suppose You would like your cover photo to be visually appealing and representative of the business. Your cover photo should be at least 400 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall. You may take a look at our set of Facebook page templates on the business. Put in Your Company Details

Enter Your Business Information

While you might be invited to give the details later, it’s important to fill out all of the fields in your Facebook Page’s About section right from the start.

As Facebook is frequently the first place, a customer proceeds to find details concerning you, having it all is important. For example, if someone is watching for a business open up till 9, people want to verify that information onto your Page. In case they can’t find it, they’ll surely keep looking until they find another more forthcoming place.





Extra options

Create your first post

Attach content on your Page by publishing a post, a status update, a link, a photo, a video, an event, or a post. New, original content on your Page will make it seem all the more enticing once new guests come over to check it out.

Your Facebook Business Page stands up and ready to deliver awesome content to your fans and turn into something wonderful.

Before you start asking people to like the Facebook Page for your business, you should post important content. You can create some of your posts or share relevant content from thought leaders in your industry.

Benefits of a Facebook business page

Once a Facebook business page is up and running, it can often prove to be a beneficial source for promoting or advertising your business or company.

Adding a company name, logo, and website address onto a Facebook business page allows visitors to follow the link easily. These, in turn, will promote your business to potential clients as well as existing ones.

Facebook business pages can also be beneficial to companies by helping them achieve business goals. Regular updates to your Facebook business allow clients to keep up to date with your business.

By sharing exclusive news about new products will be an asset in promoting your business. As will promotionally offers on selected products. These, however, are at your discretion.

Customers who like your Facebook business pages have the option of sharing it with their network of Facebook friends. In turn, more people become aware of your Facebook business page, and some will become new clients.

When you create a business page, your business or company can market a global audience. If you are already a global company, then there is the potential to attract other avenues within global marketing or advertising.

Creating a Facebook fan page for our small or local business can seem like a daunting task, especially when trying to keep up with the day-to-day responsibilities of running a company. However, with over 900 million active users, the social network is a valuable free advertising tool that should not be missed. Facebook Fan Pages have several important uses:


Facebook offers a range of innovative advertising options which allow you to promote your products and services with ease. By posting details of new offers and events to your fans, you can build up public interest in your company and reach out to potential customers. Offering unique content, such as vouchers, gives fans a reason to stay up-to-date with your business through Facebook and can help you develop a closer relationship with them.

Understanding Your Customers

Facebook Fan Pages give you access to detailed statistics about your followers, including their gender, age, location, and even the language they speak. With this invaluable information, you can make sure that your company adapts and develops in a way that meets your customer’s needs.

Getting Feedback

Understanding your customer’s opinions is important when developing new ideas. On Facebook, your fans can leave comments on any updates you post, making it a completely free way to canvas opinion.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

By displaying links to your official website, you can redirect fans who have developed an interest in one of your products to the page where they can buy it.

Build up a Relationship with Customers

Being quick to respond to any questions and comments left on your fan page is a good way to build a close relationship with your customers. However, to maintain a positive bond, it is also important to put good practice into place, such as not bombarding fans with inbox messages which aren’t applicable.

Google Ranking

Your Facebook fan page will be visible even to people without an account. Facebook is a popular website that ranks well with Google, so by posting keyword-optimized content, you can ensure that your company features highly searches.

New business ventures for your company may become a possibility. Your social network will grow. These take some time when you first set up a business page on Facebook.

If your company deals in various areas, it is advisable to create additional Facebook business pages. Upload pictures and provide a brief overview of advertised products or available services.

Keep your content posts interesting, creative and informative. These will hold a client’s interest for longer. If a client is kept interested and informed, they will return to your page again.

If you have a team who work with you, share the task of posting content and uploading photos. Maintaining a Facebook business page does take a little extra work. Delegate staff members, the extra work is shared, and the Business on Facebook is conserved.


Whenever your business appears in the mainstream media, but the link on your page. Again, success begets success, and people like to read about companies or people they know. Likewise, if you are writing articles yourself that you are placing on your website, put a link to these on your business page.


Just like a deal, everyone loves a competition, especially if the prize is something worth having. Running a contest via your business page is a good way to go viral – be passed on to other people. And, you end up with lots of new people to add to your database, many of whom may choose to like you and follow you on Facebook.


If you have good quality video presentations about your business, add a link to them. There’s a good reason why YouTube is the biggest website on the planet – people love multi-media.

When visitors come across a business page, there are several ways they can proactively interact. They could become fans of such a page, read the latest news about a product or service of the administrating company, view photos, and watch videos.

Once a fan makes a new action on the business page, the host website will pick up those actions. They would be spread out across the networking site, producing relevant news feeds that can be read by the users’ friends, thereby promoting the said page to a greater extent. To simply put it, the news feeds that relate to the business page on the host, as mentioned earlier website drive a “word-of-mouth” phenomenon that could advertise such page to a wider margin of the user population.

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