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How to Create a Cool Logo with DesignEvo

Logos are an important part of a brand, and logos today are not only needed by business-class companies but also individuals who have websites or blogs also need a logo. A unique and meaningful logo can make an identity for our business or product. If the logo is designed well, it can make the attention of customers and prospective customers to be focused on the product and always remember your products.

Many big companies and startups, when they will start designing their business, they will always put the logo at the beginning that must be done. This is important because the logo is the face of the company, as many people will see the logo.

In the process of researching logo design ideas, they always think seriously about creating a logo that reflects the business and also the spirit. To produce a logo that is as expected, many companies submit logo creation to designers and are willing to pay a very high price for the logo they make. But what if you want to make a logo quickly and maximum results without the need to pay expensive? Here I will show you an easy way to create a logo and you can get it for a low price by using the DesignEvo logo maker, even for free.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a website that provides services for logo and corporate identity elements quickly with just a few easy steps. The DesignEvo service has created over 10,000 logo templates. It is also user friendly and seven languages ​​are available, making it easier for users from various countries.

DesignEvo has created an online tool to make it easy for anyone who wants to create a logo quickly in just a few minutes. You don’t need to be a designer or hire a designer to create a logo for you. With a little creativity, you can already create a logo. DesignEvo can also help you to make business cards, books cover, T-shirts and Favicons quickly. All your corporate identity needs can be handled instantly with it.

How to create logos with DesignEvo?

The first step: Access DesignEvo homepage and start to design

When you visit DesignEvo, you will be surprised because the logo making process is super easy and simple.

And to start creating your first logo, please visit the DesignEvo homepage and click the Make a Logo button. This guide will show you to create a logo and everything is just as easy, so you don’t need to worry.

Next, you will be taken to the logo template stock page. Here you can choose a template that fits your industry. DesignEvo has a logo gallery, including over 10,000, with 34 categories. 

The second step: edit the template at your will

After that, the template has been chosen. You directly land the logo editing page without entering the company name and slogan. Also, because you have a clear idea of your brand, so surely you can input your text on it.

So, you are in the logo editing windows in which you can customize your logo. On this page, you can edit the logo of your choice with various positions of the logo icon placement and also choose fonts and warrants for the slogan of your logo. Also, you can edit the font, like size, color, alignment, etc. If it is necessary, you can reset the logo background.

The third step: save and download the logo

You can see various mockups of the logo that you have created with the preview function. And if you are sure of your logo, please click the “Save” button. But you don’t need to worry because, at any time, you can still change your logo design at any time.

To download your logo, you are required to register to have a DesignEvo account. After having your account you can now download it for free or by paying a fee to download higher resolution. 

And that’s an easy way to make a logo with DesignEvo, as you know from the above process looks very simple and easy. You can create your own logo with a clear process and user-friendly interface. The price offered is also very affordable compared to you hiring a graphic design and takes a long time. And hopefully, this article is useful to you.

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