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How to Create Presentations Like A Great Marketer?

Creating a business presentation is no easy task. In fact, studies show that most marketers feel like it is a skill that needs a lot of work to develop and hone. As a matter of fact, there is no thumb-rule regarding how a presentation should go. Instead, the factors that determine whether a presentation was good or not changes according to the situations leading up to it. However, there are certain key point you can keep in mind while designing your slides, to help you make a good presentation. So, what are these tips which will help you create presentations the way marketers do? Here’s a look at a few tips to help you make presentations like a great marketer.

Tips on How To Create the Perfect Presentation

Connect Emotionally

The biggest issues faced by most business presentations are that they are incredibly boring. The presenter drones on about facts and figures, trying to get a point across, which instead makes the audience shut themselves off. So the best way to stand apart and be unique is to make a presentation that connects with people emotionally. This will ensure that your slides remain memorable, meaning more viewers will retain the information you provide for weeks to come! It isn’t always easy to create an emotional story arch when you are presenting on a very dry topic. However, presenters should try to relate the data to everyday matters to make things more easy to comprehend. Paint a picture about the problems caused by an old idea. Once you do that, be the hero that swoops in and saves them by introducing your revolutionary idea, and the chances are that people will remember you for it.

Quality Images

No one likes to look at blurry grainy images while reading a presentation. Therefore, while designing your slides make sure you use high-quality images wherever needed. Take time off and actually scrounge the internet for visually stunning images which will help you capture your audience’s interest. Even while selecting backgrounds for your PowerPoint presentations, opt for high-resolution pictures, rather than stock, dull ones. 

Keep Things Crisp

When it comes to business presentations, sometimes less is more! All the people attending your presentation have extremely busy lives. They have short attention spans, and most of them will start scrolling through their piled up inboxes mid-way into your talk. The best way to fight this is by keeping things short and crisp. Have slides with just enough information, and move through them fast enough to keep your crowd interested in what you have to say.

Make things Personal

Try to build a rapport with your audience, as this will help them pay more attention to you. Engagement rates increase drastically when the crowd feels like they know you personally. Add anecdotes and personal experiences in your presentation to engage with your audience. However, make sure you don’t go overboard so that you don’t end up looking like a narcissist. 

Use Concrete Data

Business presentations are nothing without cold, hard data. Therefore, make sure you add lots of data and statistics relevant to your topic throughout your slides. However, make sure not all of its is textual, as this makes things very difficult for your audience. Instead, interlace your presentation with the right amount of infographics to keep your crowd interested. Share relevant case studies and real-world examples to engage with the audience and really connect with them. Avoid over simplification and generalisation, and rely instead on data.

Don’t go Overboard with GIFs

People nowadays tend to go overboard a lot with GIFs and memes. You need to understand that at the end of the day, you are presenting in a professional environment. There’s no harm in adding a meme or GIFs occasionally to get an easy laugh, but do not add it on slides which contain key points, graphs or statistics of any kind. Instead, use GIFs after such slides to drive home the point, and make it easier for them to remember it.

Go for Humour Only if You Can

Let’s face it, not everyone can be funny and that’s just how it is. A major mistake that most presenters make is trying too hard to be funny and failing as a result of it. Do not try to force jokes onto your audience. Instead, try adding a few nonchalantly, maybe, as a part of the conversation. Test your waters and then proceed further only if you get a good response the first time. 

Include CTAs

Business presentations are not just a way for you to tell people what your problems are. Instead, they are a platform for you to provide interesting and useful solutions. Therefore, make sure you add CTAs at the end of your presentation which when used mitigates the problems discussed. There’s no point presenting fascinating data if you don’t tell people how to use it to their advantage. Highlight problems and then give instructions on how to overcome them.

Social Media Tags

Make sure you add social media tags to your slides as a way of helping your viewers connect with you. Encourage tweeting during your presentation so that your ideas get a larger audience, Furthermore, it will help you grow your network, and reach out to more clients and leads. Secondly, it will also show the people who skipped your presentation what they missed, prompting them to show up for the next one!

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