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What feelings does he or she has for You ??

Secreted Feelings

Could there be any phrase on the surface, at least more indefinite than “What feelings does he or she has for me ”? After all, there are factually hundreds of feelings that, apparently, this statement might suggest to. We all have a person in our special life, for whom we care secretly and have a soft corner in our heart for her/him. But we have fear to lose her, So we can’t confess our deepest love in front of our special person.

But, don’t we have a solution for you. You can know what feelings does he or she has for your using astrology and tarot cards. The world has astrology had so much to reveal to you. If you want to know What feelings does he or she has for You, Contact our best astrologer in mumbai online via call or WhatsApp.

Emotional Declaration

Still, practically all of us would agree that such an emotional declaration routinely implies fervid feelings of love. Except it doesn’t. Before writing this post, I explored several person’s life on this topic so I could examine what unlike respondents had to say about the significance of this emotional expression. And the results of my informal. This is all up you. Astrology can help you in several ways like if you have want to know the feeling someone heart you just need to tell her name to the tarot card reader. 

How he/she react after know about your feeling?

You can also learn If she/ he will leave you after know about your feeling. It may possible she/he accepts your love. Your fear may be right, we can’t know what type of feeling your loved one have for you. But we can predict this by using astrology as predicting tool.

What are some reason she/ he accept your love?

There may be several reasons to accept your love but some of most common are:

  • She/ he can accept you love if she feel same for you and keep their feeling secretly in bottom of heart. 
  • She/ he accept your love if is feel lonely in life and have feeling that you will the best person for her.
  • She/he can accept your love if she know all the goodness of you even she don’t love you she like you so much.

What are some reason she/ he don’t accept your love

There may be several reasons to don’t accept your love, but some of the most common are:

  • If she/he have already someone in her life.
  • If she/he gone through heartbreak in her previous relationship. 
  • If she/he have crush on someone else.
  • If she/he have no feelings for you like love.
  • If she/he want to be your good friend only or thought that being in a relationship will destroy your bonding. 

These are really sensitive conditions, but you can cure hear the mind and heart with lots of love and happiness. Lets the individual believe in love and believe in you. In this astrology will definitely help you. You can get your love in your life by using astrology tips. You can also get your EX back in your life, Get love astrology tips by best celebrity tarot card reader in mumbai.

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