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The disease – Gastroenteritis and how to deal with it

Disease may be external or internal to the organism. After all, it’s an eccentric condition which affects a part or all the parts of a living organism. In human beings, diseases are frequently referring to a miserable condition causing pains, dysfunctions, socialistic problems or death of a person. Broadly, it may also include disorders, unusual symptoms, injuries, disabilities, infections etc. Also classification of diseases can be as communicable and non-communicable diseases. 

One of the major diseases amongst them is Gastroenteritis, which is perfectly treated by the best gastroenterologists in Mumbai. It’s a disease which spreads easily through contaminated food or water. Mainly the symptoms are diarrhoea, vomiting, cramps in stomach, stomach pain, nausea, and headache. Through vomiting and diarrhoea one could become dehydrated. Dehydration could be felt through dry skin, dry mouth, and feeling thirst and lightheaded. 

The main causes of the disease are strong viruses such as Rotavirus and Norovirus. It directly attacks our intestines, may persist for long durations in the body. Norovirus affects both children as well as adults as it’s the most common cause of the foodborne illness all over the world. It most probably spreads amongst the people in corral spaces. Whereas on the other hand Rotavirus is the most common cause of gastroenteritis in children which is usually infected through when children put in the fingers in mouth after touching the objects contaminated with virus.

Adults infected through this virus may not realise the symptoms but could spread the illness unknowingly to others. Also vaccines against this are available in some countries such as United States of America. Adults dealing with stifle immune system may become excessively dehydrated when they frequently lose more fluids than could replace, which requires immediate hospitalization. 

An interesting fact to be known about Gastroenteritis is that it could also spread through a number of parasites. Giardia very often occurs in people who had travelled to the areas with high ubiquity, men having sex with men etc. Transmission may incur through drinking unclean water or from sharing the common stuff such as towel, soap, etc. 

These infections are more common in winter season. Improper sterilization and sanitized bottles for feed for babies is a noteworthy concern. Gastroenteritis is diagnosed through stool samples during the outbreak. Also there are many people who make mistakes about this disease. Firstly, its not just the diarrhoea, it is the swelling in the digestive tract, was which affects our stomach and intestines. It is also named as Stomach Flu, identified by nausea, headaches and fever.

It is epidemic as it could be spread through hand-to-hand contact of an infected person. It could be prevented by washing hands with medicated soap under clean water, the best way to avoid it to spread to spread to other members of the family. Also there are other preventive measures if adopted will keep us away from Gastroenteritis and thereby contributing to a happy, healthy life. Use of alcohol based gels could also be efficacious.

Breastfeeding to an infant is really important as it reduces the incidence of infections and its duration. Vaccination against the viruses Rotavirus and Norovirus has also proved to be productive. The basic first dose to be given to the infants is between 6 to 15 weeks of their tender age. In addition to this the other vaccination named Oral Cholera vaccine has found to be 60-70% effective over the past years. Avoid eating the uncooked food items such as chicken, fish, meat, shellfish etc. 

Eating properly washed fruits and vegetables would be very helpful. Avoid getting into contact with an unhealthy person whereas on the other hand drinking boiled water over icy chilled water can help to reduce to chances of getting sick.

To boot, Mumbai is considered as one of the best options for Medical treatment in India. Mumbai accommodates several certified hospitals such as Bombay Hospital and medical research centre, Global Hospital, P.D Hinduja National Hospital, Holy Spirit Hospital along with the excellent doctors who are highly qualified and have great number of years of experience. So you need to look for best gastroenterologists in Mumbai. Therefore, the doctors make up the substantial part of the economy and had gained a trust and reputation in the society. The country with endless number of doctors is indeed the best one.

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