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How to Deal with Internet Explorer QuickBooks Script Error

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quickbook script error

QuickBooks Script Error is a quite confusing error that even doesn’t give any information like why the error took place. Also, it doesn’t show how users can overcome this glitch. If any particular page doesn’t load while working on the QB application, it indicates an issue in the script. It’s not a security failure, but it is a typical technical issue that users can eliminate with ease.

Generally, the Internet Explorer Script Error Message in QuickBooks appears when you try to open QB or access your company file in it. In this post, we’re going to understand how QuickBooks users can overcome with easy troubleshooting.

Note: QB users can instantly communicate with our technical professionals. They will help you to resolve QuickBooks Webpage Error. Call at our toll-free number +1(800) 314-0226.

What may lead to QuickBooks Script Error Is Undefined?

Various factors can be the reasons behind the IE Script Error Code 0. Some of the primary causes are below:

  • When the account name or number is already present in the records.
  • Importing a dealing that includes an account and that was not built before the import.
  • If the script processing features are disabled or restricted.
  • Importing bill or invoice which contains another account from assets due.
  • Any kind of malware/virus infection in the system can trigger an error.
  • When you get intermittent script error from one website.
  • Corruption with Active X components can pop up this error.

How to Overcome QuickBooks Script Error Code 0?

Users can use diverse solutions to get rid of QuickBooks Error Code 0. Below are the most effective and utilized methods:

Fix 1- Add Intuit and QuickBooks as your trusted sites:

  • In Internet Explorer, click the setting (Gear icon) placed at the top right.
  • Now, the user needs to move to the tools option on the Internet Explorer web browser.
  • Next, go to the Security tab > click on trusted sites > go to the sites tab.
  • Insert the “https://*” and click on Add under the Add this site to the zone field, then do the same actions for “https://*” to proceed further.
  • After that, users need to click on close and exit out from the trusted sites page.
  • The next step is to click on the custom level, then go down to the Miscellaneous field.
  • Allow cross-domain requests and click the Enable option, then hit the OK button.
  • Click Apply > OK to end the Internet Options page.
  • Lastly, restart the IE (internet explorer) to apply modifications.
  • Check if the QuickBooks Enterprise Giving Script Error continues, then read the following fixation process.

Fix 2- Erase the data of the default browser’s cache:

  • Start with opening your default browser (IE).
  • Next, you have to click on the tools in internet explorer.
  • After that, move to the Internet Options, then take out the same action for the General tab.
  • Click the Delete option that is available under the Browser history.
  • Now, you need to check-mark the clear cache option before clicking on the delete and confirm options.
  • Finally, you have to click OK, and now you are done with this method.

After utilizing the above-given solution, you will see that you have successfully eliminated the error. If you are still experiencing this QuickBooks Script Error or facing any different problem while completing these steps, you must talk to our QB certified experts at our QuickBooks Support toll-free number +1(800) 314-0226.


QuickBooks gives both online and desktop accounting software that promotes business owners and conducts a multitude of financial tasks, including trailing income, invoicing customers, and seeking sales. QuickBooks Script Error typically arises on-screen while attempting to open up the company file. When the user tries to access a file or make use of the QuickBooks software, the process may be unsuccessful. This issue is an obvious indicator of inherent problems within the script of the particular page. This error can also be related to Internet Explorer Settings, as QuickBooks uses Internet Explorer settings to secure an internet connection. There can be several credible ideas behind this error. This can occur when importing a transaction that involves an account not created before the import or using an account name and account number which is already in use. This also transpires when script processing functions are disabled or barred or there is an obvious indication of a malware infection existing in the user’s system. Surmising these likely causes is only a piece of the path towards redressing this irritating error. There are multiple solutions that are prevalent to aid in the fight against this error. The primary resolution is supplementing Intuit as a Trusted Site. You can also disable all your Add-ons for Internet Explorer and clear your default browser data caches. On the other hand, if the error ensues while importing, clear the Display a Notification option for all the script errors. Accommodating these causes and solutions is one step towards making QuickBooks an even more compatible and user-friendly software.

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