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How to do video marketing in 2020?

Nowadays, video marketing has become a key element in digital marketing strategies. It is a sales strategy in which audiovisual works are used to promote a product or service, mainly online. In short, it is about adding videos to your online marketing strategy through different platforms. With some simple tips to make a good video, you will grow in impact and reach your audience with a seductive message and a dynamic presentation.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing uses the potential of the video to promote a brand or company, product or service. Therefore, it is a type of content marketing that uses video power to generate a greater emotional connection with users who remember messages in a video more quickly than in other formats, such as a written article. Branding videos, customer testimonials, videos of live events or tutorials or demonstrations on how to use a product or service are some of the most common examples of videos that we can find within a marketing campaign.

Why video marketing?

The reasons for using video marketing are innumerable. These are some of them:


A message transmitted in an audiovisual way is much more effective, clear and understandable for the general public. One minute transmits the same information as 1.8 million words. A video allows you to express your information with many more resources, achieving a more creative and emotional result. Besides, 80% of consumers remember the brand better if they have seen an audiovisual piece about it.


The consumption of videos does not require any effort on the viewer’s part, and they are associated with leisure. Therefore, it is easier to capture and maintain the user’s attention than with a written text.


Audiovisual material is the format most likely to be shared and therefore to be virally spread. 90% of the shared videos appeal to emotional and humorous content. The important thing is to know what the audience is looking for.


The audiovisual content of a page helps the decision of online buyers. 85% of users affirm that they are willing to buy on pages with videos about the product because it makes it more attractive and provides extra information about the product or service.

SEO friendly

Videos help the positioning of your website. Specifically, there are 50 times more chances to appear on the first page of Google. Thanks to audiovisual content, users spend more time on the website for its reproduction. Also, the more the video is shared, the more visits your web portal will have.

Tips to succeed with video marketing

Finally, these are some tips to help you succeed with your video marketing campaign:

  1. The first seconds of your video marketing is the most important. It would be best if you captured the viewer’s attention from the first moment. If he is not interested or attracted to what he sees, he will close the video without hesitation. A marketing video should last less than two minutes. The less, the better.
  2. Your video should convey valuable information about the product or service being promoted. For example, a tutorial video should explain step by step how to complete a task.
  3. Videos that use humor or emotions are the most persuasive when it comes to selling a brand. Try to provoke an emotional response. So the viewer will remember the brand much better. Creative video types get views much easier. Such as animated videos, live videos in forms of presentations, interviews, etc.
  4. Encourage sharing and watching in your video. Give viewers profit in return. A coupon, discount, or free courses might be a good choice.
  5. Your video should end with a call to action. A web page or purchase link is sufficient. It transfers a viewer to a customer.

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To sum up

Still don’t include videos in your content strategy ? You are missing a great opportunity to reach your audience and win new customers. The video marketing is much more than a trend. Really, video is a diamond in the rough that can change the course of your business so start including it in your digital marketing strategy and join the many brands that have already begun to squeeze the potential of audiovisual content.

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