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How to find the main title of a DVD from 99 titles

Have you ever tried to rip your DVD collections but failed as cannot find the right main part of movie? Are you confused about what are the 99 titles? Going through a DVD forum, recently these questions appear more and more often than before. If you have these questions like us, don’t worry, today I will provide you some tips to figure it out. Just follow this article to get best solution of finding the right title among 99 titles.

More about 99 titles

Why DVD will contain 99 titles and each of it is larger than 40GB? Have you ever encountered issue like this especially when you try to rip a DVD produced by Disney? In fact, most of commercial DVDs are carefully encrypted for avoiding violation of the copyright. For people who love purchasing movie DVDs, you must familiar with the regular DVD encrypted technology such as CSS (Content Scramble System) and RPC (Regional-Playback Control) system, here are more new system to offer extra protection of DVDs like Disney X-Project DRM which makes 99 titles in your movie DVDs. 

Which wonderful ripper can quickly pick up the main title from 99 titles

After hundreds of testing, here I highly recommend one powerful and professional ripper – WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro to all of you no matter you are a newbie or expert can easily make operation immediately. This software is applied with advance DVD protection encrypted technology to remove region code and other copyright protection system plus main title as main part of movie be automatically find out in seconds. Besides, it is also good at ripping DVD to various digital formats, such as ripping DVD to MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, etc. 

How to directly find out the Main Title among 99 titles 

Before fixing this issue, firstly free download the software from its official homepage. If you already own it, follow the three-step guide to deal with it.

Step 1: Launch it. First things first, put your DVD Disc into DVD Driver. Click “DVD Disc” one of the DVD resource to load your DVD Disc with 99 titles. Few seconds later, the best 99 titles DVD ripper will automatically analyze, decrypt and find the main title from 99 titles without other operations. Such a smart program to pick it out with just few seconds. 

Step 2: Indeed, the purpose of rip DVD Disc is to back up in a safer way or playback on other devices. Now, choose one digital output format to convert by clicking “Output Format” button on the right side of the interface. Make choice based on your needs, not only video format like MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, etc. can be transformed to, here are various audio formats such as MP3, WAV, DTS, AU, etc. you can choose as well. 

Step 3: Last thing, select one output folder to save your movie collections. Hit “Run” button to start the whole process of picking up the right main title from 99 titles and playback in digital format

Final words


1. Up to three kinds of DVD resources including DVD Disc, DVD Folder, ISO Image can be ripped.

2. Enable with GPU acceleration technology to optimize ripping and conversion 50X faster than before.

3. Support batch files conversion at once up to 10 to save your time.

4. Add/Extract titles.

5. More than 500 formats supported to be converted that allows you playback at any time.


Not available on Mac, Linux system, just operate perfectly on Windows system.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a best solution to find out the right main title from 99 title while ripping a Disney DVD Disc, one of the best choice is WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. With many built-in advance technology and useful features, ripping a DVD with 99 titles and converting to a digital format or a handy device is no more a head-pain issue. Just download it and have a try. You will know what it can do for you. Finding the best solution to help our daily life, it will be much more fun to spend our spare time. If you have other good ideas, leave your comments below to let us know.

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