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5 reasons you need to get your kids into After-school Taekwondo program

Extracurricular activities at school keep children mentally and physically active. However, your child’s day isn’t over as the bell rings. After school activities keep children productive even when the school is over. Since children are active by nature, these activities help them release their energy in a healthy way. Such activities have several benefits for children of all ages. When these children take part in fun activities after school, they build more confidence, make more friends and become more extroverted. It’s a great way to keep children healthier and happier throughout the day. It keeps them from using phones or tablets which make children lazy and put a strain on their eyes. Allow your children to go out and engage in the healthy activities they love and enjoy. 

Taekwondo is one of the best after-school activities that help your child to grow both physically and cognitively. If you get him enrolled in taekwondo class, he will learn various life lessons he won’t even learn at school. In this article, we are going to discuss how after school taekwondo programs benefit your child. So, continue to the next section: 

Benefits of after-school taekwondo program:

Following are benefits of getting your child enrolled in an after-school taekwondo program:

1. Add more discipline to life: 

There are three main things martial arts are based upon. These include focus, honor and respect. When you enroll your child in a martial arts class, he learns to honor the people around him. It all starts from his taekwondo master to classmate and become the part of his life. Since martial arts demand a person to be focused, respectful and self-restrainer, they get to learn some of the excellent life skills. 

The majority of the martial art academies create an atmosphere that promotes prompt obedience and ethos of honor. When enrolled in a taekwondo program, children pick this behavior quickly. According to the majority of the parents, children who practice martial art get more compliant at home and discipline becomes a part of their behavior. 

2. Children get more determined: 

Individual sports including martial arts teach children the importance of setting achievable goals and working hard to attain them. There is a color belt system used in martial arts traditions for ranking. Every color represents a particular rank. Every participant needs to qualify for an exam or a test to achieve a certain rank. When children look at other students wearing high ranking belts around them, they get motivated to work hard to get to the next level. 

Apart from fueling determination, martial arts encourage students to push themselves beyond their limits that happen when children learn the ability to sweat and strain. No matter if they get to engage in group conditioning activities like push-ups or grapple one of their classmates for a couple of minutes, martial arts encourage these children to challenge their limits. 

3. Personality development: 

As discussed earlier, taekwondo is one of those martial art disciplines that help children to grow in terms of their mind, body and most importantly personality. This hands-on fast-paced fighting style engages the students and teaches them self-defense regardless of their age. The literal meaning of taekwondo is to put your fists beneath your feet. It refers to seeking peace, keeping your mind and body under control and stopping a fight rather than starting one. All parents want their children to be the peacekeeper. After school Taekwondo offers a fun and healthy way to teach your students how to be good members of society. 

4. Self-defense: 

Taekwondo doesn’t teach narcissism or self-promotion. Its major focus is humility and self-defense. When you enroll your child in an after-school taekwondo program he learns how to communicate their natural impulses towards aggression in a rather constructive way. 

5. Commitment: 

Taekwondo programs provide children the confidence to deal with the scary world out there. It teaches them to cope with any situation while avoiding trouble. Moreover, they are challenged to achieve even higher rank throughout the program. This helps them learn to never back down and constantly put effort to achieve something even better. It teaches them to fight and stay consistent no matter how hard things get. 

By enrolling your child in an after-school taekwondo program, you will allow him to learn some of the major life lessons. He will not only stay active and productive, but he will also learn how to be a better person overall.

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