How to Give Your Home Design a Fresh Look for the New Year

Each season there is a custom to do a big seasonal cleaning. There is even a special tradition to enter the New Year with new decisions, often connected to habits we want to make ours in the next year. One of these certainly is to keep your home clean, cleaner, or to switch it up! However, with many gifts, your budget could get thinner than expected. Nonetheless, your plan to freshen up your surrounding and enter the new year with a new vibe still can be achieved with these easy tips.


The easiest advice is sometimes the hardest to complete. As important as cleaning is, so is the part of the cleaning where you are getting rid of unnecessary things. While cleaning, choose the things you do not remember using, the things you do not feel attached to in any way or which were used a lot, worn out, and outdated. On the contrary – give away stuff rarely used, worn, or looked at.

Some are good to donate, some to resell or recycle, while some are unfortunately for the trash bin. Make the choice and, after you’ve seen what you are left with will be your starting point in redecoration.


If your budget is really tight, or you simply do not want to invest in new décor, after some deep cleaning and decluttering you could simply rearrange. The illusion of the open space is the best choice when you want to have a clean look. This can be achieved by arranging the furniture in a circle, or by creating a central piece surrounded by empty space. This could be a table, a sofa, or a chair, whichever fits your theme and existing furniture. 

Go Green

To make your house livelier, introduce more life by adding live plants. Nowadays the market is filled with choices from sturdy succulents and ferns to sensitive orchids, so there is no reason not to find a species that will fit in your lifestyle. You could also switch bouquets every week or so, or go with the winter-inspired bowl of arranged evergreens that will last for months. If you are blessed to have a yard or a balcony, why not try to pick up a gardening hobby? It could still be adjusted to your busy or super-organized schedule, and you will have your personal green zone.

Update Appliances

Big cleaning equals detailed cleaning. While cleaning, check out whether the paint is chipped, if chairs are unstable. and don’t forget to clean out interior vents and replace your air filter if you didn’t do it before last summer. Deep clean of the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washing machine, and other smaller appliances around your home you might uncover some outdated rubber or plastic parts. These need to be replaced if you want to prolong the life of your appliance, so check out the appliance parts you need and replace them as soon as possible, not to be surprised with the damage and big bill for major repair.

Bonus tip: Each change you make, do it with the additional goal to change the colour palette, or the most dominant colour of the room you are freshening up. New dominant colour can be completely newly introduced or simply pumped up with some new additions. 

Go Eco-friendly

In the light of many issues we are facing as a society, it is a healthy and perspective to go eco-friendlier. You don’t have to go and live in the cottage without power, but doesn’t the touch of repurposed wooden solutions and updated vintage furniture sounds like a new character of your home? Mixing modern and antique can give you a unique design that will be ‘your home only’. If you want to buy sustainable furniture, be certain to check the source where the furniture came from, was it made responsibly, and if it has been made sturdy. 

Introduce Light

There is no holiday décor without some pretty lights and candle arrangements. Introducing light to the dark spots gives any space a completely different effect. Additionally, by playing with different shapes and forms of lamps, even colours of the lights, you can completely transform the room with a small investment. 

Walls, Art, and Linen

Adding to the bonus tip, the colour is most effectively changed by introducing a set of one-coloured products. This could be achieved in different ways. The easiest option is to use a linen set and decorative pillows in the same colour or print. The other option would need to attract attention to a different surface with fresh paint on one wall that can become an accent wall. A splash of colour on the wall can be a beautiful painting of your personal choice. The last but also the easy option is a rug that is different from the other surfaces in colour and texture.

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