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How to Measure a Bathtub – The Complete Guide

If you are thinking about installing a new bathtub in your bathroom, you should remember the size of the bathroom and the person who would use this bathtub. The best choice is to get a bathtub which is not too large but depth is necessary for a tall person. So, you would need to measure the bathtub otherwise, it may ruin the entire look of your bathroom.

Measuring a bathtub or its surrounding is not a difficult task. All you would need is a tape for measuring and a little patience. After that, you should follow the instructions below.

How to measure a bathtub?

There are many designs of bathtubs available in the market. But you could not go there and just pick one for your bathroom without taking the right measurement of your old tub or the place where you would install it.

Many bathtubs could be hidden partially under the surroundings. The correct measurement would come from a slight guesswork and the space it takes. There are two types of bathtub in the market- enclosed bathtub and stand-alone bathtub. You would not need any guesswork for the freestanding bathtub as you could measure the width, length and depth straight. But an enclosed bathtub comes with a layer of holding tools for keeping the bathtub in the right place and you would need a bit of guesswork here.

You should add extra one inch while taking the measurement from side to side. If you like to keep shampoo or soap there, you could add more space. It is better to note the measurement to avoid confusion. Keep this note with you when you are going to buy a new one. This would make the work easier for you.

  • Start with measuring the length or the widest point on a corner or curved bath. Measure the gap from one side to the other side using a measuring tape.
  • Measure from the edge or back wall to the front. This would be the measurement of the width.
  • For measuring the height, measure from the bottom to the top on the external side of your bathtub.
  • Now it’s time to measure the depth of your tub that is called interior measurement. You would have to start from the deep part of the bathtub to the top or overflow. The depth of the tub could tell you the deepness of the water it could hold.

Standard measurements

The measurement varies for different models but if you get confused about which size tub would fit best, you could easily compare the measurement that you note with standard sizes of tubs in the market. They are-

  • 32 inches wide and 60 inches’ long
  • 30 inches wide and 60 inches’ long
  • 27 inches wide and 54 inches’ long
  • 60 inches wide and 60 inches’ long
  • 42 inches wide and 72 inches’ long
  • 2 inches wide and 72 inches’ long

The depth of the bathtub varies in different models. You should choose a bathtub that is high in depth. Probably you would not get a round figure with your measurement, but you could get enough close to any standard size. You should buy that one definitely for your bathroom.


Bathtub comes in different shapes and sizes but you should choose a bathtub that would fit easily in your bathroom. You should think about which one would give you a more comfortable bath and where you could stretch out your body easily. Choose a bathtub that could make you feel extraordinary.

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