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How to Prepare Your Home for Major Renovation

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Going through a major home renovation is as exciting as it can be stressful for your home as well as for yourself. However, if you are well prepared and keep things organized, the entire process will be much easier. As a result, we created a guide on how to prepare your home for major renovation projects. Follow our steps, and you will learn how to deal with the stress more effectively and have a pleasant renovating experience.

Prepare yourself before you prepare your home for major renovation

Yes, you should first prepare yourself for the renovation before you prepare your home. It will be a stressful period that may last a while, so you should be prepared mentally, especially if you will be in the house throughout the process. Prepare to see the mess, hear the noise, and people constantly coming and going. There will be a lot of work to be done both during and after the renovation. But, try to stay positive and think of the outcome. You will have a refreshed home that looks brand new. Furthermore, it will be much easier to keep the house looking spic and span after the renovation.

Declutter your home

A major renovation is a perfect moment to make an inventory of all the things you have in your home. You can finally get rid of all the clutter gathered over the years and keep just what you need. Therefore, start the decluttering process by going from room to room and writing down what you have in each of them.

Use labeled storage boxes to separate the items you find into categories. You could, for example, make a box for items to keep, one for things to throw away, and one for donations. When you finish separating the items in one room, move to the next one. After you go through the whole house, place the keeping box in a spare room. Then you can throw away what you don’t need and donate what is still in good condition.

Clear the walls of furniture

If you need access to the walls in the rooms, you should remove any large pieces of furniture. If you have the space, move them to a room in which you will work later. Move furniture to the center of the room if you are renovating multiple rooms at the same time. Also, when you lack space in the house, you can transfer the furniture to a storage unit. It will be kept safe, and you will have sufficient space for the renovation.

Protect your belongings during the renovation

If you can’t remove all your belongings from the house, try to keep them safe. You can get some supplies that can be repurposed after the renovation and use them to pack your belongings. Reusable plastic boxes are perfect for this task, and you can use them later to gain more storage space in your home. Just make sure to be extra careful with fragile or valuable items when packing them.

Place them in a safe area of the house so that you avoid misplacement or deterioration. You should also cover the goods that are more difficult to pack. In addition, remove everything that is hanging on the walls. There will be a lot of dust in the air that can deposit and damage some items.

Impose limits and restricted areas

If you are working with a contractor, a good piece of advice to prepare your home for major renovation is to impose limits. Workers will be roaming around the place, but they shouldn’t invade certain rooms or areas in the house. Therefore, let them know in advance which are the off-limits areas. Also, if you can and want to, you can give them access to a spare bathroom and provide them with toilet paper and paper towels. You may also grant the workers access to the kitchen and dining area if you are okay with this idea. The rest of the rooms that are not being renovated at the moment can be restricted.

Take safety measures to prepare your home for major renovation

Accidents can happen during a renovation, so it is advised to take some safety measures. For instance, remove any hanging flower pots from the ceiling or the ones placed on upper shelves. Also, if your home has a staircase, remove any items that have been placed on the steps. In addition, if you have a carpet on the stairs, it would be better to remove it. Not only can it get damaged, but it can also become a trap for your feet if it wrinkles.

Another safety measure you should take is to place your pets in a separate room. You will be keeping them safe and away from all the commotion. If they are left roaming around the house, they might get scared and run away or cause accidents. The same thing applies to children. Either explain to them why they cannot be in the center of the activity or send them to relatives or friends while the renovation is taking place.

Decide where you will be living during the renovation

The best thing you can do during the renovations is to move out of the house. Of course, this only applies if you have somewhere to relocate temporarily. If you don’t have where to go, you should prepare your home to be functional even if it’s being worked on. For instance, if you have more than one bathroom, you may designate one of them as the last to be worked on. Additionally, you can leave the kitchen and one bedroom to be among the last.

When the time comes, there are a few things to consider when renovating your kitchen. Where you will cook and what you will eat during that time, for example. If you can improvise a small kitchen in the garage or basement, it would be ideal. If not, you will most probably have to eat out or order in.

In conclusion

Knowing how to prepare your home for major renovation can be easier than you expected. If you first prepare yourself for the moment, half the job is already accomplished. You will be more relaxed and able to plan and organize everything so that the renovation is a pleasant experience.

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